Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Shack

A book of controversy, for me it was nothing short than a book of perfect Love. I just read the last sentence of my first fiction read since any required college material. Speechless is the best way to explain how I feel as I attempt to type. I thought about you all so often during my journey. He has taken me on this journey of The Shack on this weekend in October with a perfect purpose both for my heart and for eternity. I have wanted to go purchase cases of these books and pass them out to each of you and honestly even total strangers that I shared a flight with into Norfolk just a few short hours ago. I can’t wait for my husband to read this book and have his heart pierced with a reminder of our perfect Love. I really don’t know what more to say, if you haven’t heard of it, The Shack by WM. Paul Young, go get it ASAP. If you have heard of it and have been tempted not to read it for fear of bad theology, throw those lies out the door and attempt to fully surrender the internal, always nagging Pharisee within. If you have read it and the thought has crossed your mind to refer it or purchase it for a friend, DO NOT DELAY! Our broken world needs this message. Outside of our perfect Word, this book will penetrate even the hardest heart and encourage even the darkest soul, all the while exhilarating even a faithful follower who has received the redeemed. I feel like I have just been romanced by my Papa like never before. I feel as if my entire life I have only seen but a spec of His great love. I pray that each of you know how much I love you personally. I pray that you know that when I read the part about the relational hues that I think of you, the ones I know that are reading. I am honored to call you my friends and my family. In closing, my favorite quote of the book, ok, it will have to be plural quotes; I could never narrow it to one!

Love you all!

Fare Warning…. I am so thrilled now that I have almost forgotten the fight I went through to keep reading. The first part is hard and that is an understatement. I feel like I must disclose this because I literally had nightmares and committed to stop reading for fear that the rumors of wrong theology were true. The problem was, I hadn’t yet gotten to God so read on if you get stuck, it is worth the rip your heart will endure to sit under the Great Physician for your healing.

Okay, the quotes,

“Oh my soul…..be prepared for Him who knows how to ask questions.” T.S. Eliot

“Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.” Author Unknown

Oh, forget it, just read the book. I am wanting to quote the whole thing! 

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The Smith's said...

I'm on it. I'll be on the look out for it. :) Love ya girl!