Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bullock Family Update!

Hey gang, I feel like it has been forever since I just said hello and told you guys a little about our daily lives! I have also been horrible about updating the blog with pictures since we are actually near grandparents! I hope these HElarious pictures of Cross' crazy hair will make up for lost time! His hair is such a treat! Every morning and afternoon after nap we get to uncover the mystery of the day, "what crazy hair-do will Cross have this time". He is such a hoot! I can't thank you enough for your prayers after my Mad Toddler Mom post! I really have done a much better job of enjoying Cross this past week and I know it is because of your prayers! We were also blessed to have our BFF's back, Emily and Hunter, for a little visit at the beginning of the week.

So, to sum up Cross' personality, I would say 3 words: Full Throttle Boy! That calm little guy that would sit ever so contently on the floor and play with a block has turned into a boy who does Evil Knievel on his rocking dinosaur and attempts to stand with no hands. Honestly, his personality gives me a heart attack and warms my soul all at the same time. Some days when he barrels through the house and I am giving myself a pep talk that I can do this another day, I am reminded of the hysteria I would be experiencing if I thought something was wrong with him. I am thrilled he is so healthy and humbled to think of the moms who are faced with the alternative. Cross is still much more worried about jumping into a pool with no adults near than he is talking so our words are coming slowly but surely. Thank goodness for grandparents that assure you constantly that he is perfect regardless. I used to watch toddler moms running around, chasing their kids, and I would think, WEW, I am exhausted just watching that mother. Well........... now that mother is me and yes most days when I sling him into the crib at 1:00, I hit the couch as fast as my tired piggies will take me there. God made naps for the mommy just as much as for the little ones that is for sure!

Please keep praying for us in regards to a j-o-b. Also, Shawnna, she for sure needs your extra prayers. She has been feeling like crap for like 6 weeks now so her spirit is very tender. Please pray that the Lord will give her an extra measure of His grace to make it through this season. She is currently taking her weekly chemo treatments and trying to recover from all of the rest. Her children start school this coming week and I know it kills her not to feel great and be ready to send them off with every detail in tact.

Jeremy is great! I am blown away every day by his faith and his patience during this season. He is for sure going to come out of this fire as gold! I have also been reminded lately that this world is so broken, that so many people are hurting and in desperate need of a Jesus size miracle. I have family members walking in the pit of hell. I wonder if they believe that Jesus died for them, for their junk, for their redemption? I know you have friends and family like that as well! Let's pray that God will grace us to help them find the only remedy!

I love you guys to death! I think we are embarking on a new season, I think it is right around the corner, but some days I am certain I will never win the battlefield of the mind to be patient enough to get there! I wonder how many people out there are having to take it one day at a time in regards to life? I wonder how wise Jesus is to make it that way? I wonder if He'll come back sooner rather than later to relieve us from this wait?

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and my tree seems to be rotten!

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Emily Feicht said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the sweet pics, Cross has the BEST hair ever :) We miss all of you already, you have GOT to come and visit us sometime soon!!! Praying for you and Shawnna, praying for peace. That is my word of 2009, I just want peace. Anyway, miss you guys TONS, can't wait until next time we get to see you all, and until then we will just have to keep up via blog, phone and pics! Love you! Em