Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok, so this really is the greatest book ever!

For those of you who know me personally, you would probably agree I am a bit of an enthusiast to say the least! When I find something that works, I really do want to tell the whole world about it! Jesus works, He totally changed my life, He speaks to me, He has healed me, and He really does want a real live relationship with you! In fact, He wants it so much so that He voluntarily died to have it! He is it! So that is for sure my number one must share, but along those lines, I often include books in my excitement to spread the word. The first book, hands down, and I am not just saying this to sound super spiritual, the Bible. No doubt and totally speaking from experience the Bible is the only one that will literally change your life. But throughout these past few years there have been others that the Lord has used to rock my world for sure. "Big Girls Don't Whine", "For Women Only", the list goes on and on and almost always which ever one I am reading in the moment usually gets tagged my favorite. The truth is the ones that aren't my favorite I just don't mention!

BUT HERE ME SAY THIS IN 100% HONESTY, "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers is the most awesome book I have ever read in all my life other than the Bible! I started it 2 weeks ago and it is a 400 plus page book that is fiction; I never do fiction and I never do over 200 pages. I told a friend yesterday, "if the world would have been polite and just left me alone I would have read the entire book in 3 days flat". I am actually depressed that it has ended. I have been wanting to write you guys the entire time I was reading, but I had to make sure nothing horrible was hidden in the end and you will be thrilled to know that the end surpassed my wildest expectation so it is for sure a go! Here was my favorite part, the Lord used this book to minster to me, to romance me, to heal and to counsel me regarding my past. I will stop now because there is no need for me to say another word. I have included a link to Amazon so that you can get on right now and order yourself a copy (starting at like $4 used). Get your book shipping today, clear your schedule, and get ready to have your world rocked. I pray that I never get over what God has done in my heart these past few weeks, never, ever! He is this romantic, so much more even! WOW is really all I have left to say! BUY IT NOW!


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Mark, Emily, Lillie Mae and Titus Man said...

oh yes Kel, definitely an amazing book. i read it so fast also-couldn't put it down. so thankful for the grace He gives us.