Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Pictures

Our New Home!

The 3 Amigos (those Bullocks sure do produce Bullocks)

Latest of the Little Guy!

Ok, sorry, had to run yesterday, here are the pictures! Love you guys! Jeremy is in his first official staff meeting! :)


The Smittys said...

Kelly! I love that little farm house! Super duper cute. I can't even tell you. I bet you enjoy sitting in those cute little rockers not looking out at banks and banks of SNOW!

Patty said...

I love the look of your new house and it's got a great porch! Hope it's dried out inside : ) Nice pic of the boys.

The Davis Family said...

That's the cutest house ever! I'm so happy you all are getting adjusted. We will keep praying for you 3!

Donna@themommyminute said...

Hey, Guys! Love the pictures. The house looks so homey with the front porch and everything. Cross will have so much fun in that big yard when he's a bit older.

I know it can get overwhelming to be in the middle of boxes with a crying newborn (and a naughty puppy). I'll pray that you'll just have a peace about you in the midst of chaos.

I'm so excited for you all and what God is doing in your lives!


masina said...

Kelly, I just love it. Very cute, and my goodness Cross is growing like a weed. Sounds like things are crazy, just remember God is good and enjoy. You are Wonderful!!!! Talk to you soon. Kisses to Cross. Tell J we hope he LOVES his new job!!