Monday, February 18, 2008

Rolla Coasta, Roll A

If you know the song, you'll get the spelling! Hello friends, we made it!!!!! We are officially North Carolinines. I think it is funny what a wild ride this has been. Thank you SO much for all of your prayers. I really have 2 blogs in 1, first I am going to blog how I felt yesterday. Yesterday, I was on top of the world, singing God's praises every second of the day. I was in love with our beautiful home. Jeremy and I felt closer than I think we have ever felt before, all because we knew we were smack dab in the center of God's will. It is absolutly amazing how much joy it brings when you follow the Lord. We are in a house that is at LEAST 50 years old (carpet and wall paper as well). We have decided not to get internet or cable or a home phone in order to be more financially secure month to month. My furniture got lots of digs and dents, but none of that mattered because my joy was literally from the Lord! We had a great trip here. No problems, Cross was an angel, Snick was not, but it was ok. We made great time, got unloaded in record time. The church is providing us with meals all week and the landlord had a peacon pie in the frig waiting. We had a great lunch yesterday with several people from the church. I could literally go on and on. The coolest part was that I knew God was showing me such an amazing lesson about the joy that surpasses all of the "stuff" in the world. We don't have central heating and air, which I guess I thought was unheard of in the US, but apparantly things like a propane stove and window units are still around. Because of God's grace I was happier last night in our tiny house with our warm stove than I ever was in my beautiful new construction. Ok, so that is blog 1, blog 2 is the pitty party I had this morning when Cross was screaming, when I was overwhelmed with boxes everywhere, when the sunroom flooded and soaked all of the boxes we weren't going to open, when my friend back home was SO sick because of her chemo, when my husband snapped at me when I called and he was in a meeting and finally when the scale said I had gained 3 pounds instead of lost which is what I am shooting for. So........... rolla coasta, roll a! I am out and about, plugged back in at Jeremy's work which is nice and I'll figure out the details later. All in all, I just have to laugh at how quickly satan starts the attack after the victory. Sorry buddy, but this clan is hanging in there with Jesus, we've got lots of work to do!!!!!!!!! Love you all and enjoy the picutures of our new home!

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