Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Blog World

So I should totally be sleeping right now because each day by 2:00 p.m. I feel like I could fall asleep standing up, but I could not resist saying a quick (ok quick for me) hello this evening! I have a great confession to make and that is I have officially sold out and joined Facebook and my blog routine is all in a mess. I feel so pulled, but I am bound and determined that I am a Blogger first and a Facebooker second, not counting follower of Jesus, awesome loving wife, phenomenal mother, great event planner, and friend, daughter, sister, and aunt. POINT proven for my next announcement, I am officially signing off of "Come with me to Ethiopia". I just can't wrap my boxed brain around keeping up with all of this and from the list above it doesn't seem like a wise time choice as you can tell. SO, from now on we can sit tight here on Bullock Family AND still possibly make certain that we go back to Ethiopia all the same.

I have pondered how on earth I could tell you guys this news, but it seems that telling is really the only route possible. WE ARE GOING TO ADOPT A BABY GIRL FROM ETHIOPIA. Now cheer, cheer! I can hear you!!!!!!!! When I say baby girl, I really mean toddler girl (hopefully), that is just how we southern mama's speak. Tonight I am super excited yet beyond curious about how the Lord is going to perform the 1 million financial miracles that will be needed along the way. God has already done several cool things this past week and we are just faithfully trucking through our paperwork and getting ready to mail out packets as soon as the funds roll in. Jeremy and I are both beyond over the desire to ask people for one more penny, but we have experienced the joys of giving over and over and the Lord is showing us that "bringing home a baby" thrills everyone involved so we are going to humble ourselves again and just let God work! He may work through Jeremy's job or grants or friends and family or random coins found in the mouth of a fish. Ok, so probably not that, but I just read that story in the Bible the other day and my chin dropped and I remembered that God is BIG. Ok, so that's that! I love you guys and I can hardly stand holding in even the smallest bit of news so you can imagine I have been busting at the seems about this. God will confirm through the next few months if we have heard Him correctly or not, but as for now we have more peace moving forward and no peace sitting still. We thank you for your prayers, your celebration and most certainly, if God lays it on your heart to give of your finances to save a life in Ethiopia we will not turn you down. I just kept thinking the entire time I was there what I would do if that were Cross sitting in that orphanage, getting only bread for a meal and no one giving him one million kisses at night. I would beg, plead, work, and take out a loan the size of Egypt if that was what it took to bring him home. I feel like we have a daughter over there, Mercy will be her name, and Cross will be her BIG brother, and so why wouldn't I do the same for her.

God has crazy plans for us all. IF we will in fact surrender our own. I am getting a glimpse of His plan and He is making me smile. He hated any pain that we have had to endure these past few years, but He knew all along where He was leading. He is writing a life story for me that never in a million years could I have dreamt, but let me promise you this, He wants to do the same for you. Every time you face a fork in the road tell yourself that the narrow road leads to a blessing. His ways works guys, just you wait and see!

K, a/k/a Mommy again to be!


Kelly said...

Love this! Especially the part about God writing a life story for you that you could never have dreamt. And isn't it 10 times better since it's truly His story that He's given you?!? Even my cancer has been a blessing woven into my life story that I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams. Because of it, I have a crazy in love with Jesus relationship, had a best friend for 12 months to walk through cancer with, and learned how to slow down. that I officially can't have kids anymore (yes, it's official, 1 year past chemo with no cycle equals official menopause), David is open to adopting as well...but in a few years. We know we are to wait. The Lord is about to work a miracle in our life. I just know it!!!SO the meantime, I will just come love on Mercy.
And clearly, I have the same problem you do...I can't even keep a dang comment to just a sentance or two :)

shelly said...

Mercy..I love it! And I love you and your openess and willingness to share what our BIG God is doing. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about those babies. Thanks for the encouragement to keep walking that narrow road. Mercy..I just love it!

Emily said...

ughhh kelly! you are a freak! an awesome jesus freak! crying at the table reading this aloud to mark. i will pray for little miss mercy. you are amazing and i love you.

ps, i saw a guy at culvers (a restaurant up here) and he looked like jeremy! i wished it was him because then you'd be there too!!