Monday, August 23, 2010

Night Night

Hello Blog World, rarely will you catch me doing much of anything after say, 8:00 p.m., but tonight I am wide awake for several reasons. One being because my sweet man has gone to a football game and it is a very odd feeling being all alone and the television being off, but two I think I am VERY in love with Jesus this evening and just had to get on and share.

God has obviously taken the Bullocks through the ringer these past few years and some days I am truly amazed that I have had the grace to live through it and even still tell about it. I was thinking today as my sweet man told me that TWO contracts were a no-go, I have to trust God, I have to believe Him, not my circumstances. A friend told me yesterday about a message involving the mid-night hour and how many of us are sitting on 11:59. I also heard the most amazing quote of my entire life yesterday at church, "Our destiny will be made up of a collective number of yes's to God". WOW, if that one doesn't blow you away I think you might just be stuck. I kept thinking to myself, THANK GOODNESS that a few times along this ride we have said "yes" and a million times along this ride we have said "no" to the opposite voice speaking into our ear.

I also have tons of friends and family on my mind right now, I know their circumstances, I desperately pray that they will get to their God given destiny by saying yes. Maybe their yes is to adoption or a no to abortion. Maybe their yes is to stay in rehab or to quit smoking or to finalize a plan to clean up their house. Maybe your yes is to stay married to your man or to STOP worrying about finances and trust Jesus (oh wait that's mine). Maybe your yes is to quit your job, sell your house, or call the Hope Pregnancy Center and become a volunteer. A got an email today about a gal who went on our trip who said yes to moving to Ethiopia to work in the trash dump, in NOVEMBER. How's that for a destiny rocker. She is a single gal and I already have a VERY good looking African man in my head wondering what IF that is going to be her man. Just think, she said yes to a trip, then a yes to fight satan long enough to actually get her butt on the plane to the trip, even on the plane ride there she said she had NO CLUE what God wanted her to do with her life! :) Oh, I love our Jesus.

For me personally, I have said yes this past two years to a job taking and a job quitting, a church change, a sermon series about Toxic Thoughts in a moment where my mind was full of them. I have said NO to drinking, smoking, but a not so good yes to cussing and sometimes WAY too much of it. All my Jesus following yes's over the past 7 years have brought me to blessings that far out weighed my wildest of dreams and all my disobedience or even complacency to say yes to a quiet time have brought me pain. Yes to an alone weekend after losing a baby, life changing. No to tearing down my man in the midst of some anger and terrible PMS, didn't make my life any better let's just say that.

So I leave you with this, say yes to whatever the heck it is He is calling you to do or not to do today. Don't worry about the list of yes's you will need to fulfill your destiny, just take it one yes at a time. Don't worry about the pain or pride you will have to endure or lay down, just trust that He is worth it. Don't compare your life to anyone else's. Just say yes to your call and leave their yes's to themselves. You know what He is calling YOU to do and it will be worth it let me tell ya! It could be as simple as doing the laundry or apologizing to your man. It could be as massive as selling all of your possessions or taking a MAJOR risk, but the options really are simple, glorious God-designed destiny, or well, crap! I'm just saying! Ok, my man is here! I love you guys tons! I am too tired to proof so give me lots of grace!


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