Friday, March 21, 2008

Glorious Gifts from God

Hello friends! I am BACK!!!!!! Well, not indefinitely, but for now I am basking at a local coffee shop enjoying a decaf, nonfat (with whip, just like a woman) mocca frapachino (sp?). My child is fast asleep and my sweet man let me slip away and get some me time and I may never go home! :) I am not going to lie, these past few weeks have been full of ups and downs. No home phone, no internet, no cable, and no car. I don't know how those people in the "old days" did it! I have felt closed in and at times lonely, but I can certainly see how God is using this time to make sure my priorities are in line. I feel like He is showing me that once I take good care of my man, then my darling little guy, my home (which entails a million things from cleaning to bills, from groceries to doggy food), His temple/my body, and most importantly my relationship with Him, THEN we will add in the distractions. That is really what most of these so called "luxuries" have become for me. I am on the phone instead of cleaning. Cross is fussing and instead of enjoying a soothing rock, I am too busy trying to blog. I will be the first to admit that order needed to come back to my life! With order comes so many blessings and tonight is certainly one of them. It is funny how our perspective changes once we have been stripped of what we consider necessities. The internet is just a thing we have, now this special "online" time feels like a glorious gift from God. A friend to call was something I totally took for granted, but this week a chat with a new friend here felt like the most glorious gift from God. I am wondering if there will ever be a time when I don't have to be stripped to become thankful?? Probably not, at least not all together. God has proven so faithful during this season, just when I thought I was at my breaking point my husband takes me on a date. Just when I feel as lonely as one can get, God ordains a visit from our special BB (Jeremy's mom and YES I love my mother-in-law to death). Just when I feel like I have no social life, one visit to a coffee shop and I am the happiest gal in town. Today as Cross cried and I had no clue what I was doing as a parent I felt so defeated and two minutes later as he squealed with laughter I didn't care. I don't know a lot right now, but I know I serve a good God who wants nothing but the absolute best for me and I feel humbled and honored this "Good Friday" for the horrible death He incurred so that I could enjoy this life. Despite all of my disgusting sin, despite feeling like this life certainly isn't all it is cracked up to be, despite every low, because of this Good Friday and this coming Easter I can sit here and enjoy a personal, real relationship with the Creator of the Universe!!!!!! Now that is a glorious gift from God. I pray for each one of you that this Easter is so much more than bunnies and an Easter egg hunt. Those things are awesome, but please don't go your whole life settling for these Easter gifts and miss the most glorious gift of them all, Jesus! He wants to know you, He wants to interact with you daily. He wants to be your friend! That is how I am making it here in new town, new mom land. My Best Friend is still inside my heart! He is right where He was when I was in Clarksville, He is right where He was when I was a little girl in Winchester Tennessee and asked Him to come live there! If Jesus isn't your Savior, if you don't know that you know that you will spend eternity in Heaven with Him when you pass, please don't dare go another Easter season settling for some bunny. Go find a local, Biblical church this Easter Sunday and tell someone you want something more, you want the Savior! Get the most glorious gift of them all, get your new Best Friend!

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Becki Seay said...

Hey Kelly! It is Becki from your Beth Moore study! I just want you to know that you are such an inspiration to people. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. God has and will continue to bless you in so many ways! Stay strong where you are and he will do great things! We miss you back here in Clarksville! God bless you and your beautiful family!
In him,
Becki Seay