Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jesus, Name above all names....

I’ll just be honest with you guys and tell you what I feel like the Lord is laying on my heart. I think if Jesus could (well I know He could, I should say if He would) come down and look us square in the eyes He would say something very similar to the things He said over and over in the Bible to disciples, followers, and strangers a like. In a nut shell, I feel like Jesus would say “you guys just don’t get it”. If I have learned one thing after coming out here is that we all (not just me and not just you, all of us) put Jesus into this tiny box. A box similar to a piece of décor that we have sitting around the house. It looks nice, but serves no practical purpose and at the end of the day, even though we like the looks of it, it does nothing more in our lives than collect dust. Now please hear me say I am the first to admit guilt in this department. God is showing me over and over that He wants more and more of me so that I can experience and glorify more and more of Him. So with this realization I have asked God, “show me, show me how to get rid of this tiny box and allow You to be the ruler of my universe”. I felt led to start my search of a “bigger” Jesus in the book of Acts. I feel like God is showing me that Acts, the book in the Bible that outlines the details after the ascension of Jesus, is the perfect place to see how we are to relate to God. See, we too are living after the birth, burial, resurrection, and ascension of our Savior. It plainly says in Acts that God “told” the people what to do. It gives detail and insight on the Holy Spirit. I am learning so many things as I read. I am reading as though I have never looked at these passages before because I am finely reading them through the eyes of someone in the same spiritual timeline. Sure we have cars, electricity, and the all important cell phone in this 21st century, but spiritually we are on the same page as the people in Acts, post ascension, pre return of our Savior. So, my question is, how small is your box? I can guarantee that none of us are experiencing Jesus on the level that His death intended. So I challenge you, open up a Bible and join me in Acts. Make notes, dive in, but most importantly, ask God to show you where He desires you to start spreading the walls of your box. My guess is that until we fall face first at Jesus’ feet either at His return or at our departure, we will all have a box to some degree, but I certainly believe that in this case, bigger is always better!

On the journey with you,

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