Sunday, May 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Directions.....................

Hey guys, our internet service will be cut off this week so I wanted to check in and say hello and give you a few random thoughts to ponder until I can get back into a wonderful coffee house routine. Nothing is changing, someone had just anonymously given us a glorious credit to Charter so we were able to get at home internet, but our party has come to an end. It is good for me, I spend more time with the Lord, more time with Cross and more time with J when it is down so this is probably a blessing all the way around, but we’ve been thankful for the time we had. I promise to keep you guys posted with any super exciting news! Love you lots and follow Jesus like crazy until we chat again!


Anything that God is, He is fully. He is fully good, fully sovereign, fully just, etc. WOW!

Why do I forget that Christian Community is a MUST? A few weekends ago we had an awesome meeting with our small group and I was totally reminded of how much we need friends in our lives that we meet with REGULARLY to walk through this faith journey together! This is not just good for “some people” it is good for all people!!!!!!!!!

I never dreamed we would have to wait this long for God to reveal a job/calling…….assuming is never a good idea, it almost always ends in a let down!

BE CAREFUL who you text! I sent Jeremy’s boss (who is also my dear mentor here in Clarksville) a text a few weeks back that I meant to send to J, but thank goodness it was nice and not naughty! She would have laughed regardless! Her husband asked what a "boog" was, how embarrassing!

I know now why people drink caffeine late in the day. The other night at small group I was super tired so I did something I never do and drank some coffee late in the day and MAN did I get a lot done before bed. When I got home I did more from 9-11 than I had done all week. I think that may be a bad sign for lots of reasons!

Quote from John Bunyan:
"Run, John, run the law commands,
But gives me neither feet nor hands;
Far better news the gospel brings:
It bids me fly and gives me wings."

Victorious days turn into victorious months, turn into victorious years, turn into a victorious life! I say this all the time and these past few weeks I have been practicing what I preach, promise. For me today, not staying in bed, making a phone call to a friend in need, going to the grocery, paying the bills that I can pay and trusting God with the rest is a VICTORIOUS day!!!!!!!! What would it be for you today? I have friends who need to not have a drink today, to not call a guy when they are lonely, to not live in fear and codependency as they follow Jesus, what is it for you?

Quote by Jesse Duplantis If you are jealous of your brother or sister, you are now in competition with them instead of cooperation.
Quote from Kelly: Sounds like a good trick of the devil to keep the Kingdom from spreading, thanks for the insight Jesse!

Another quote from Kelly: Anytime we think things are about us we get into trouble, this life is about Jesus. When we think marriage, children, jobs, time or stuff exists to bless us we are flirting with danger, they are all but a tool to further the Kingdom. If used properly they bring us joy, if used as the world teaches they break our hearts!

Cross climbs now…………….so how am I supposed to baby proof that????

What if this was the year that I saw 4 of my biggest prayers answered, how much differently would I pray?

Grace summed up…………anything you have done right in this life is nothing more than grace!

Cross, yes, Cross C-R-O-S-S, yes, that is his name………..I say this a lot!

Yes, he sure does look JUST like his daddy…………….I say this a lot too!

And last but certainly not least, some lovely photos: Cross with his newest hair product, his first time eating with a spoon on his own, cousins (that should make life fun for the fam), my kitchen (this wasn't what I had pictured for decor), and Cross' (and mommy's) new favorite pass time, mowing with daddy!

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