Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winchester visiting and glorious internet surfing!!!!

Hello all, I only have a bit to chat as I have spent most of my time catching up on Beth Moore's blog post! This may sound crazy, but she really does feel like a mom to me. We have spent a LOT of time together and she has almost single handily taught me the Word. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me the greatest gift known to mankind! I want to make sure that not one single person reading this blog misses me say that the Word of God has totally changed my life. Today was my Dad's birthday and we got him a Bible. I don't think he has any idea how much this single book could change his life. (I don't think many people understand this concept just to be real honest.) I wish so much that I lived here and could read it to him every single day! I wish I could force him to understand the impact that it could make in his life. I wish honestly that I could shove it down his throat (in the nicest way of course)and force him to see its power. I don't know one single victorious Christian who isn't madly in love with the Word.

Ok, enough of that rant......

Something happened today that I just couldn't wait to get on and tell you guys about! Ok, for background info, Cross and his words...........well, let's just say they are few and far between and I keep telling myself that eventually they seem to talk so no worries. He has however caught on like crazy to the word and the sign, "more". J said it and signed it to him one time 2 weeks back and he has been tapping his cute little fingers together and saying more over and over and over! He does it when he wants more food, or when he wants another kind of food, or when he wants to get down from get the point! Well, today, in the car, we were listening to what I would vote quite possibly as the greatest CD on earth (2nd only to maybe Sunset and Sushi by David Crowder), Jeremy Camp's "Unplugged" and the song is called "Empty Me". Lately the words to all the praise songs I hear have just been so alive. The song basically is a prayer to the Lord to empty us of all of our junk AND the end he sings "because I want more, I want more, I want more of you Jesus". I just screeched at this concept in light of Cross' new favorite word, us begging God to empty us out and begging Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to give us MORE of HIM! I pictured us as His children signing "more" over and over to our Father. Not for more stuff or more comfort or even more happiness, but MORE of Him and Him alone!

I also couldn't stop thinking about how that process demanded emptying!!! When I hear Beth Moore talk, I know she knows her Jesus like her best friend and I know it is from years and years of begging Him for more! Why don't Christians want to know Jesus as intimately as possible while on this earth? WHY???? I also know that prayer has taken Beth through fires that not many of us would dare to withstand! But at the end of the day, I do still want you? Do you want to hear Him more? Feel Him more? Talk to Him more? Know Him more? I pray that you and I both snuggle up in our beds tonight and secretly sign "more" to our Father and feel the chill of excitement run through our spines as we think about the reality of what that means! Go ahead............ask Him for "more"!


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