Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ok, a few short random tidbits to at least say hello

1. Miss you guys like crazy, mad about the lack of interent, but worse things could have to be cut from the budget so trying not to complain!

2. Jon and Kate.............PRAY sweet friends, every time you hear a rumor or check out at the grocery store spend every second of that praying for our sweet brother and sister in Christ who are dealing with life on this stinky earth! Come Jesus Come!!!!!!!!!

3. J's job search............pray...........that is all I will say for now......pray lots!

4. A summer Bible Study! I just couldn't stand the thought of one gal out there who wasn't going to fill her sweet soul this summer with the Word so I wanted to get you a link to a Bible Study Beth Moore is doing online this summer! Come on all you savvy people and put this internet to good use!

5. Cross is the cutest darn thing you have ever seen in your life and he is finally talking more! Going for 18 month check-up today so I'll hopefully send some pics sooner than later!

6. When you can't control something you wished you could, control what you can and serve like mad where you are today! That is my "country" version of the serenity prayer! I am doing the laundry, cooking dinner, and volunteering at the Pregnancy Center in this wait and I am loving life, for real, not just saying that!!!!!!!

7. Today I started a Bible Study at a friend's church and Beth Moore opened her mouth and I started crying! She really almost yelled, "If you are obedient to God, you will be blessed!" I felt as if HE were screaming that to me and that finally someone knew what my heart needed to hear, that God, he is just SO smart and right on time!

8. My Dad, last, but certainly not least, please continue to pray for my Dad! He has an infection, but the doctors seem to think they have it under control! God has done miracle after miracle in this situation! Thank you so much for being our awesome prayer warriors!

Ok, Cross is up so I am off!

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