Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My new best friend...............

My new best friend is a funny phrase my mother-in-law and I use for people that we either actually meet in person and love or they can also be fun people that we hear or see (but never officially meet) too. For example, if I find a new Bible teacher that I love and I am telling my mother-in-law about her, we might squeal and say “yes, she is my new best friend” or if she were to meet someone at the park who thought the perfect day was a book and a cup of tea, that person too would qualify for new best friend status.

Well, my most recent new best friend has become more than just a fun phrase. She has really become my new best friend. We actually met a few years back, she was volunteering at the Pregnancy Center, awaiting the arrival of her first child, and I was never so thankful for a God-send in all my life. I am a little on the OCD side which makes it difficult to let someone “take the reigns” as a volunteer, but this gal could run circles around me and her figures would always match to boot. She was the most humble servant. She would do whatever I needed her to do. She would rearrange her own schedule just to come to Hope when I needed her most. She showed me Jesus, showed me the qualities of a true servant.

Well, time passed and we joke now that she actually knew I was pregnant with Cross before Jeremy because she was onsite at the Pregnancy Center when I took the pregnancy test and screamed at the top of my lungs, prayed for Jeremy not to have a complete heart attack (for those of you who didn’t know Jeremy was in his first few months of seminary when we found out we were pregnant with Cross) and hit the door a runnin to go share the news.

Time went on, she left Hope and went to mommy land, her husband deployed and then she moved to her own mommy land to have some help and we moved to good ol’ Elizabeth City, North Carolina. I can’t even honestly remember if the boys ever got to meet before we all dispersed, but anyways, as God would have it, I moved back to Clarksville and she followed a few short months later to prepare for her hubby’s return. We hung out one time and have been together ever since. Hunter is the handsome boy in the pictures who is really Cross’ first friend. Hunter calls Cross, “my buddy Toss” which totally melts our hearts and poor Cross still can’t say anything that resembles Hunter but he screams with excitement when Hunter chases him around the house all the same. Emily has been the greatest friend a person could ask for, she has taken Cross (even while he was sick and could have infected her own son)for me to go on vacation. She has given us food, paid for me a babysitter so we could go volunteer at Hope, joined our small group and a mom’s Bible Study. She has been the pop-in friend that I prayed for. She had the greatest back yard on post that money could buy. It included a fence, no steps (kids insist on climbing steps if you aren’t seeing the big deal with this feature) and a shade tree the size of Oklahoma. She really is my new best friend.

But......... as so many of you have already done to me, she too is moving away. If I thought about it too long I could sit in a puddle of tears. I keep hoping that we will get a job and move too so it won’t feel so lonely in Clarksville, Tennessee without the Feicht family around! I have never been so honored to watch such an AMAZING godly family live out life right in front of my very own eyes. She tries never to offend anyone, they are CRAZY givers, she honors her husband like the Proverbs Queen herself. She is cautious not to waste her time and remove her focus from the Kingdom, she nurtures her son, but isn’t afraid to leave him to go serve at the Center. I could literally go on and on about my new best friend!

So Emily, if you read this, even though you are a Facebook trader, I love you like you will never know! I thank my God for bringing you back here and I can only hope that one day our paths again will cross. You and Ben and Hunter have blessed our family more than you will ever know and I am certain a mighty calling is on your life, no doubt about it. Your humility in never wanting such a fuss only makes me more certain! Go take Missouri by a storm. Love some people for Jesus, even if it is only one! I can for sure say the base will be a better place after you have been there! Thank you seems so small a phrase, but know that I mean it all the same!

And for all my other “new best friends” out there who are reading yet God has separated us by miles as well, let’s pray for replacement BFFs (just in person, not in spirit) to help us get through this often crummy life while awaiting our great Savior!!!!!!!

Lost without my gal!


Jenn Goins said...

I would love to be your new best friend?!

Bullock Family said...

Jenn............there could be no finer replacement and I am CERTAIN Emily would agree! Love you gal and nothing excites this sister more than watching you fall madly in love with your Savior and His Word!!!!! You get it my sweet friend, if anyone does it is you!!!!!

The Feicht Family said...

YAY! I agree, even if I AM crying like a baby. AND I finally got blogger working so that I can post comments. I don't know why it wouldn't work for the longest time. Anyway, I miss you tons and I have to stop typing because I'm already a blubbery mess! Jen, you are an awesome replacement and I wouldn't mind a bit!!! (sob!)