Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey Everyone!!!!!!

WEW!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much my shoulders begin to relax when I get to spend some time "blog vegging". That is what I call it, some people veg in front of the TV, I like to veg in front of the computer, scanning down my glorious favorites, reading blogs, and then getting to end by saying hello to you guys! I am at my in-laws, what a blessing having pop-in friends that are your in-laws. My sweet hubby told me to hit the road knowing that this mommy needed a break. I literally can't tell you guys all that I have been through these past few days! Nothing major, all inner stuff, but I really can feel the shoulders finally starting to unwind already! Basically after I blogged last week and said that I was just chilling in the wait, satan either gave me a run for my money or the Lord wanted to make sure I practiced what I preached, but I have had some high highs and some low lows these past few days! I couldn't even begin to share them all, but a lot of stressing over WHEN J is going to get a job and WHEN God is going to take me personally off of this shelf and WHEN we are going to be able to put down some get the picture! I thought I would share some things God has used to speak to me to encourage this weary pilgrim on her journey towards Heaven! I can't wait to get there! A sweet friend of mine said that today in Bible Study, she said, "maybe the reason I always feel like their should be "more" is because I am wanting Heaven". I think we could all shout an "amen" to that, regardless of our church style! I love you guys! I thank you for reading! I wish that we could go on to Heaven tomorrow, but IF the Lord tarries we will take all that we can get from His Holy Spirit to hold us over! You guys enjoy below and keep me posted on you!

Because of Him-
*and yes, I promise, pictures are to come! It is hard to get all that you need to do on the internet for an entire week in one short hour so soon..........very soon!

*I am reading an awesome book by Joyce Meyer "Knowing God Intimately". It is an older book, but I PROMISE not one word is outdated! She poses two questions that cut me like a knife, it was almost as if she had put into words some things that I have pondered this past year. One of my dearest friends who loves the Lord just about as much as any one person could called me and said "I am sending you this book, it is changing my life" and I thought, well, anything that is changing your life, by all means, let it change mine! She was right! It is for sure an underline book! Here are the two questions she states (and I am certainly paraphrasing):
1. I had been in church for years and I just kept feeling like something was missing!
2. Why are some Christians victorious and some aren't?

Ok, I could write for hours on just the one chapter I read, but I'll refrain and just include a few more quotes:

"We spend time and money, we make careful plans and elaborate provisions to feed ourselves each day. Sometimes we even know today where and what we're going to be eating tomorrow! Just as our physical body must be fed, our spirit man must also be fed." Joyce

"Dang was that convicting!" Kelly

"I believe that the only thing that truly satisfies the longing within us is to know God more intimately today than we did yesterday." Joyce

"Why can't I get that through my thing skull?" Kelly

"Ok, no need to rewrite the whole book, just go get it!" Kelly :)

*The other thing that God really used to smack me over the head this week in the way that only He can do (the truth really does set you free) was in my Bible Study "Anointed Transformed Redeemed". Priscilla Shirer wrote on how we should never get so busy with the program that we forget about the people. She said, "His goal is that through your full obedience to His call specific people in your generations will be blessed and encouraged to follow Him more fully." I knew God was saying to me, "Kelly, today you are supposed to encourage your generation in Clarksville, Tennessee and that for now is all you need to know." Alrighty then, can't really argue with that! People, please pray for me to stay focused on you instead of my hopes and dreams of a cute house and baby girl sometime in the future!

Ok, must get off now, I could write to you for hours!!!!!!!!

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