Monday, January 24, 2011

A possible update, technology permitting..........

Hello dear friends from one starved social media queen. First the internet was out at our house, then canceled and then over the weekend my one last tie to the internet world, my cell phone, went on the blink. For those of you who have had the torture of texting with me this weekend know that the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is stuck. It also beeps when I am trying to talk and my facebook is officially off the list as well. I often wonder what God is teaching me but as for now all I know is that I do have a lot on my plate and He is removing distractions quickly.

Adoption update, NONE. Yes that is correct, no word on an Embassy date. I am unplugged from any other details and for now I figure it is just as well. I'll eventually get an email that has a date and a "book your ticket" message and I will rejoice and book. For now, I am "controlling what I can" by a full fledge nesting experience. Mercy girl has a closet full of clothes and after this weekend (Lord willing) when my sweet mama comes to help me she will have one clean house to call home. I have needed to do a deep clean forever and I figure this is just as good of a time as any. We have made the office a play room and after a few last boxes make their way to our shed that job will be complete as well. Things are all coming together.

As far as the money side of things go, Jesus rocks. We DID get one grant for $3,000 which will bring our final total owed to our agency down to $7,000 which is a MIRACLE. Also, please pray lots because I totally forgot that the grant we got the "no" from last time has a policy to where you can apply 3 times so we are PRAYING the 3rd times the charm. I know the Lord will provide one way or another, I just want to tie a bow on that grand miracle for certain. We are still probably $2,000 away from covering our final travel including Mercy's visa and Jeremy's shots. We have money set aside (thanks to so many of you) for those plane tickets but as you know last minute may mean an exchange for an arm and a leg.

So there we go, I actually feel reconnected with the "real" world already. On my "feelings" side which I hate to even bring into play because they are a boat tossed at sea more often than I would ever want to admit. Basically I feel a bit like I have put a wall up, whether it is healthy or not, just to get through the wait. Jeremy and I both say this still doesn't really feel like it is going to happen or that it is real. I remember that same feeling with court and then one simple email made it all real and very quickly. I sort of feel like I am playing with doll clothes but I am certain I can say that I am loving me some pink. I almost took a picture the other night to share with you guys a laundry basket full of pink. It was gloriously beautiful. I really do promise pictures again one day, but I feel like we have a great win every time I check an email these days so cute blog picutes may have to be enjoyed by scrolling down until I am an official stay at home mom.

Until then I am a fundraising, purity ball planning, crazy wild boy chasing, cooking, cleaning and loving me some Jesus kind of gal. God gave me an amazing weekend with 3 worship times which brought this poor, needy girl back up to level. I am despereate but I think that really is best!


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The Feicht Family said...

Love ya, gal! Praying for quick details, but God has it all under control :) I will give you a call soon so we can catch up, but until then I will live vicariously through your beautiful PINK laundry!!!! yay!!!