Monday, February 7, 2011


Good Morning Blog World, I write to you this a.m. after a wonderful weekend of Purity Balling! Working with the Father Daughter Purity Ball is absolutely one of the greatest honors I have had to date and the entire weekend was absolutely wonderful. I only have a few minutes to chat before a certain little 3 year old demands the FULL attention of his mama and that attention he certainly deserves. I just knew everyone was wondering if we had ANY NEWS and the answer is still NO. I promise I will write the second I get some news but as for now I have some prayers while we await some praises.

First in that prayer list is for favor. I cannot handle nor am I capable of going into lots of details about the U.S. Embassy and Ethiopia right now but all I will say is that there are some hold ups. I very selfishly wish these hold ups had not come in the exact month that we await an Embassy date but they did, they are. We have several friends who had the same court date as us and they are having some major concerns so please pray for great favor over our babies to get permission to come home. Satan is the lowest of the low and will use any and all means of trying to keep these children from a loving home, nutrition and medical care, but our God is greater, stronger and certainly higher than any other. Pray that God will “hear our cries” and work supernaturally to make certain we cross this last major hurdle and get our children HOME!

My second prayer is for finances. We found out last week that we did NOT get that other grant so we are kind of back to square one in the sense of the $7,000 remaining balance on our agent account. We also need about $1,000 more for travel, so as of today we are praying for God to provide $8,000 which still honestly seems like a miracle in itself after starting at a $30,000 prayer request. A friend said something recently that has so stuck with me, she said “we have to let the people know of our need so that God can use them to meet it.” So, please know that if any of you feel led to give we would be honored and your gift WILL BE a tax deductible donation if made out to “Lifesong for Orphans”. We had SO hoped this grant would seal the deal, but God has not chosen to use those means. Please pray we know our part and trust Him with His! It has never been our desire to ask anyone for money but it has been so awesome to know that God has used the body of Christ to raise almost $22,000 with only $3,000 coming from a grant. That is miraculous and I am so thankful for every penny that has been donated. I knew when I saw our daughter for the very first time that we could not get her home on our own; it would take a miracle and a team of believers. Please, if there is any way possible you can help us with this last part, it is a real need for a real child. We are doing everything in our power to get our personal finances in order for me to stay home once she arrives, at least for a season, so know we are certainly not sitting with money in the bank, asking for your help. We are being as wise and as frugal as we can possibly be on our end as we try to prepare for her arrival.

So that is that, favor and finances but man has God been gracious with the peace. I actually studied peace this morning in my Beth Moore “Breaking Free” and thought just how supernatural this peace really does feel. I have laundry to do, t-shirts to mail out this week (just waiting on a call that they are in and ready). I have dusting to do and a follow up shot to take for my vaccinations. I have lunches to pack and beds to make. But most of all, I have Jesus on the throne that owns the cattle on a thousand hills and can tell the U.S. Embassy what to do in one gentle whisper. If our God is for us, than what can ever stop us! That is the truth that I am most aware of this a.m. We do our part to follow God and obey this calling, and He will do His part to see it come to pass! I love you all dearly!


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