Saturday, February 19, 2011

One last shot......................

Hey guys, I have a few minutes on the REAL internet so I wanted to say a quick hello. My son is playing Wii and striking everyone out which is so darn cute and also buying me some quick typing time. Ok.............fundraising.........let's just say that after next month that is a word that I really NEVER want to hear again for possibly the rest of my life. I say that but we all know if I see a need (and I really already have one in mind regarding my girl's orphanage but we won't go there right now) I will be back on the train. BUT as for now, after many many months of fundraising both for Hope and for Mercy girl, I am ready for God to just go ahead and do a miracle and let's be done already............that will actually be called Heaven but you guys know what I mean. We are too far in to apply for any more grants and we have ONE MONTH and ONE WEEK to pay our girl it is! Our last and hopefully not least fundraiser will be held March 12th at the Swirlz Art Studio in Clarkville at 10:00 a.m. This place never did much for me just to be totally honest because I am NOT ARTSY, but a group went a few weeks ago and I had the best time and then a great friend reminded me that you can do private parties as fundraisers and I knew God was smiling big saying "come on, you can do ONE MORE". So here I am, telling you about ONE MORE! Possibly begging you to come if you are in remote driving distance and praying that we will have the best girl's brunch ever and that we will all come out with a beautiful Canvas Cross to boot. Please take a look at this link with details and please please invite your friends. Grab some gals, tell them it is time to do something fun for a change and come support our girl!

This is great for gals of all ages and there will be food worth having and door prizes worth getting!! Please pray for houses to sell, God to lead people to give, and for 35 fun ladies to come get their swirl on March 12th so that we can knock this thing out and move on with life!!!!!!! Ok, now he is bowling and that is even more cute. I think I better get off while I am ahead! Love you guys!!!!!


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