Friday, February 18, 2011

t-shirts and other misc.....

Hey guys, I am writing on my tiny blackberry screen as we are still internetless. I just wanted to say hello and MAKE SURE that anyone who ordered a Mercy T with that last batch has received their shirt. I am going to start selling all the extras tomorrow if I don't hear of any errors. I think all the extras are sold other than a 4-t and a children's size 8. I still have no real news on our travel other than the U.S. Embassy has called Mercy's mom in for an interview. Although we hate the hold up we desire for the adoption process to be audited per say, we just hate being the ones who got "picked" but we know God's timing is perfect! Regardless I only have one more week left at Hope which is certainly bitter sweet! I love my job and LOVE my coworkers but there is no gal on earth who loves "a new season of life" more than me! I love you guys dearly! I thank you for your prayers, please do pray all goes well with the birth mother and that we get a date to travel sooner than later! We are also still praying that God will do a great miracle and that we will be able to pay the last $7,000 to our agency VERY soon! That is all this tiny keyboard can handle for now! Hoping great news is coming soon!!!!

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