Friday, April 25, 2008

Proud Wife:)

Hey gang! I want to assure you that any wisdom my husband gives will be a million times more beneficial than anything I have to say. I also laughed and thought to myself, I think the readers really wish we would both shut it and put some baby pictures up for Pete's sake. Cross is the only reason we will ever have hits and people are just kind to read in between! I heard my husband preach the message he is referring to on Tuesday night and let me have the honor and privilidge just to brag for a quick minute. MY MAN IS BEING USED BY GOD. That is all I can say. On the back row sits a wife in awe by God's grace and goodness, but also so proud she is grinning ear to ear! Love you babe, keep Jesus comin, you are awesome at what you do!

Wives can always brag,

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