Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello friends and family! I am finally sitting down to write a much needed Bullock Family update. Please forgive the lack of pictures, just a miracle that I am even able to get on and write so I promise pictures will come sooner than later. Cross is getting to be such a little fella and not so much a baby any more. He has “big boy” outfits (including vintage button ups and cool blue jeans) and he is “talking” up a storm and starting to really hold his little head and back up so well. I am so that mom that thinks he is the cutest thing since slice bread and I am thankful for all of you who have come into agreement with me and for the grandparents who would even venture to take it much further! We had a great visit home! My father is still under going tests so no real news yet, but thank you so much for your continued prayers. My mom had cataract surgery on one eye while we were home and did awesome, but still has one to go so please keep her in your prayers as well. Now for details on the topic of real interest, Cross, well, Cross is officially a 4 month old. WOW how time flies, I know that is what all of you are thinking and me too, seem like just yesterday……… He has a great report at his check up and weighs in at almost 15lbs and about 25 1/2 inches. He is still a healthy guy, but we have slacked off on our former line backer status and are now looking towards goals of quarter back material. He was a super traveler, but I know thrilled to be back home with his daddy. Speaking of daddy, Jeremy is doing great! I am the proudest wife in all of the world. It is so cool to watch all of his faith in stepping out, surrendering to ministry and moving out in obedience, pay off. I am certain he would love your prayers for his speaking and future/big picture plans for the ministry! Finally, if there are any readers left, I am good. Nothing new, still daily attempting to keep my priorities in check. The Lord has quickened me to the verse regarding time, Eph 5:16 "making the most of your time because the days are evil." I really believe that God wants us to make the most of every moment for eternity and sometimes that means rocking Cross, other times it means having my husband's laundry clean, but it is all for his glory regardless! Thanks again for all your prayers! We promise to have pictures soon!

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