Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We all have the same calling.

This is a topic that has circled my head for many weeks now so I thought “it must be blog worthy” if God is causing it to be a reoccurring theme. It kind of goes back to the previous blog of us “just not getting it”. The scripture that God has given me regarding this topic is a popular one called “The Great Commission”. It can be found in Matthew 28:19 which says “therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” As Christians this is kind of an overall theme for our “to do” list. Kind of like an “in a nut shell” as Christians this is what we are called to do. Maybe I have a heightened sense of this topic because our family has recently been “called to the ministry”, a phrase I always hesitate to even say because if there is one person in the world whom I can guarantee does not have any greater calling than the next it is certainly myself. I am a plane Jane gal who is as “average” as they come. I don’t mean that I don’t have a mighty call on my life, and I am certainly sure that I can do all things through Christ and that He has given me gifts and talents to be used for His glory. I am simply saying that I am certain that He has the same for each and every follower out there. So back to The Great Commission: Is that for pastors? No wait; it is probably for those people out there we call missionaries. Maybe it’s for Sunday School teachers or small group leaders, but what about dentists, bus drivers, nurses, home school moms and financial advisors? Do they have a call with the same goal or is the Great Commission just set aside for the super spiritual. Let me assure you that if God is showing me one thing it is that the answer to this question is NO, NO, NO. The topic kind of surfaced when I was talking to a group of woman about tithing. Through that conversation, God showed me that 10% was simply a start towards being serious about our individual role in the Great Commission. I personally thought that was an incredible insight on tithing. For those of you who are familiar with the topic you know that it is a touchy one to say the least and often a confusing one to say the most. Is it Old Testament or New, is it a first fruit issue or an issue of faith? I felt the Lord was showing me that more than anything our giving should be a practical action towards taking our call to the Great Commission very seriously. And just to be honest, I think we would be way more apt to give if we would view our “time, talents, and resources” as a means to fulfill our calling rather than “a good deed for the day” to check off the list. Recently because of an on the fritz CD player I have been subject to listen to talk radio. Not normally my style, but I am starting to see glimmers of why someone would turn to it here and there. Last week I heard a story of a nation who is literally starving to death because of the rising cost of food. The first thing I thought to myself was that someone out there could fix this crisis with a phone call or a simple transfer of funds. NOW PLEASE don’t hear me saying “some rich person out there should sell everything they own and help these people”. I am simply saying that someone could say, “God has given me the talent to build wealth and my calling could be to give an entire nation food in Jesus’ name.” With regards to money, I think 10% minimizes our call and puts the wonder of God using a fallen people in another tiny box. Maybe for you, your role in the Great Commission is to serve coffee on Sunday mornings. For someone else it may be to donate a large sum of money that could open an STD clinic with the message of Purity and God’s love in the blink of an eye. Jeremy and I’s entire livelihood currently depends on people giving to the local church. That alone has put a new appreciation in my heart for people’s role in the Great Commission. More than monetary significance, I pray that we as a whole begin to look at ALL of our resources as a way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Partly because His Word tells us that is what we are to do, partly because we don’t want one soul to perish, but finally to tell Satan that you have a mighty call on your life regardless of your “profession”. Recently I was listening to Ed Young speak on the uncertainty of the current nation and oh how he hit the nail on the head. He basically said that if we would keep our eyes focused on the Great Commission instead of stocks, housing interest rates and the price of oil how our hearts would immediately align with God’s. I don’t think God is saying “that new shirt is wrong”. I simply think we should always be more pumped about souls coming to Jesus than we are about houses or cars, vacations or “down time”, play dates or even BFFs. Our greatest desire should be to see the love of Christ spread throughout all the nations. Why? Because I honestly think it is His. Let’s all ask ourselves, “do I take seriously the impact my time, talents and resources could make in fulfilling the Great Commission, please let our answers be YES!

Trying to take this thing seriously,

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