Thursday, December 11, 2008

My dear sisters...............

I just wanted to write a personal note to my E.C. girls. I put some pictures above to show all the world what God has placed in my life during this journey. Meet Peri Pinto (bottom on right) known as Aunt PP to her sweet Bubby, my dearest girlfriend here. This gal makes life fun, let me tell you. She has taught me how to love wildly, how to live life to its fullest, even on the most average of days. When this lady sings to her King Jesus (and let me tell you it is pleasing to every one's ears) it is as if no one else is in the room. Man am I going to miss hearing her praise! Then my sweet Merideth (bottom on left)! This has been my spiritual mentor these past few months, but we feel like we have known each other for years. This lady has taught me how to love my Jesus more than I even knew possible. She is an amazing woman of God who lives it out in the private of her bedroom quiet time and desire to see everyone she comes in contact with fall madly in love with Jesus. Then my two "little" gals. Katelin and Chelsea (top right to left), my two sweet peas from Student Ministry who have adopted Cross as their own. They make me want to love the Lord more because their hearts beat to grow in Him. They love people like you wouldn't believe. They serve J and I with no desire for return. As you can tell, all of these sisters have made this move worth ever step of the 10 short months. I would do it all again in a heartbeat knowing I would get to share life with these women!

So, PP, I cannot thank you enough for giving us "drop in friends". You have no idea how cherished and loved you are by the Bullock crew and by your Savior. Your heart bleeds for Him and I promise you He is well pleased to say the least! I love you to death and will miss you like crazy but have been honored even if for a short time to get to share life with you and your family. Cross will miss his Mr. Keef like crazy, but we know this is only good bye til next time. And as far as your beautiful children go, no one on earth should be more proud. You have raised some of the sweetest of hearts and I will be praying for each of them as they continue on this journey called life. All of them, madly in love with their Jesus, and nothing less will do!!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss you like crazy, but wipe those tears dear one, the Friend of all Friends is right beside you I know! I love you so, k.

M.......... will I be able to feel Jesus without you by my side, yes, I know yes, but it sure felt good having you remind me everyday of His greatness. I have only met a small handful of people in my life that really demanded I love Him more, that I believe Him more, that I live for Him more and you my friend are at the top of that list. You are an "everyday mom" homeschooling, honoring your husband, ministering to your neighbors and driving that darn minivan that almost has me a believer and that my friend has been what has inspired me the most. You aren't waiting on some great ministry, you aren't waiting til something big happens, no, you are wildly in love with your Savior right where you are and you have no clue what an impact that has made on my life. I have never seen anyone who just studies the Bible like crazy, because, just because it brings you closer to the King. Please know you have made an eternal difference in my life and I will be forever grateful! Please know I am praying you through too. I certainly will never wonder if you are doing the same for me and many, many others.

Finally, my Kateseas.......... You two gals have kept me young and hip even though I am certain you wouldn't approve of the word hip. I thank you for being willing to shop in the maternity store and tell me the waiter is sooooooooooooo cute in the same night! I love you girls to death and please know that I believe in you and I believe the Lord has a mighty plan for BOTH of your lives. I fully expect a road trip from you two ASAP. Cross will be having withdrawals, who will give him his bath and a photo shoot all in the same night??? Girls, if you have not learned but one thing from me please let it be READ YOUR BIBLE. There is no relationship with the Savior apart from His Word and there is no life worth living apart from a relationship with the King. Read it often, study it deeply and treasure it more than even the cutest shirt on earth. It is your lifeline, the way you will make it and the ignition to the light that others will potentially see. I love you both!!!!!!!!!!

Well, there were many others that I loved dearly in this short stay. This church surrounded us, loved us, supported us and treated us as their own from day one. Sometimes you are humbled because your knees are broken and others by the traces of God's hand in your life. This is one of the later. How good is our Savior to provide down to even the most minute of details to those who love Him. Jesus, you have rocked my world these past few months not to even mention these past few days and it is You and You alone who deserves all the honor, glory and praise!


Please forgive any gramatical errors, it is now 5:20 a.m. on moving day and Cross has been up for an hour so you can only imagine, pray lots :) This tired mommy will need nothing less than a miracle, but I have a Friend...........who is my friend! Love you all!!!!!!!

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