Friday, December 12, 2008

Pregnancy # 2

I wrote a blog about this a long time ago and it disappeared in internet land and I am just now rewriting, I am certain there was more to add.........

Top 10 ways you will know this is your second pregnancy.......

10. Instead of wanting to show because it is cute, you look forward to having a firm stomach again.

9. Wondering just how on earth you are going to balance a toddler on your 9 month stomach while pushing a grocery cart and trying to talk on the cell phone.

8. Thinking that the mini van just might be the greatest invention of mankind. My mentor keeps trying to sell me with the push button doors and it is starting to work.

7. Your dog is getting lower and lower down the totum pole and you aren't even noticing.

6. You are making mental plans to get your tubes tied upon delivery if it is a girl because you are CERTAIN you can't throw your way up through another 6 weeks of life, especially not with two.

5. When you wake up one day and think, "What on earth makes someone in their right mind volunteer to go through this AGAIN? That maternal instinct defies all common sense."

4. Think the Dugger mom is either a saint straight from Heaven or on Zanax.

3. Crying and telling God you don't want to be pregnant anymore and then feeling guilty that you really don't mean it, but you do, but you don't DARE want anything bad to happen. Thank goodness He has the grace to handle that reality!

2. Being really mad at your husband, because it is in fact HIS FAULT!

1. And last but certainly not least, never being more thankful for toddler naps, the more the merrier for me. I don't even blink an eye at "what needs to get done". You can't blink when they are already closed! :)


JP and Amy said...

Push buttons, push buttons, push buttons!!!!! Greatest invention of mankind, and even a two year old can get the door closed safely!!!

Anita said...

OK....where have we been? I know....crazy land too....but we've missed out on SOOO much!! Email me girl....or should I say girls?? Is it a girl? HUGS and keep on abiding...not hanging! :)