Friday, January 23, 2009

Dry Bones MOVE…………..

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share some more random things that the Lord is using lately to make these dry bones move (Ezk 37). I praise Him that He is so incredibly personal!

1. Jon and Kate’s (plus eight) new book “Multiple Blessings.” J gave me this book for my birthday as a “fun book”. After “The Shack” I have desired to have a fun book (one that you aren’t reading to better yourself or do a deep Bible study, just a veg book), the next one was “The Me in Mommy”. Well, “Multiple Blessings” was just like “The Shack” and just like “The Me in Mommy”, EXACTLY what the Lord needed to say to me at that time in my life. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! How many times have you heard me say this, well, YOU MUST READ "MULTIPLE BLESSINGS"! Oh my goodness, I had no clue how madly in love with Jesus my sweet Kate was and I had no clue how much we are all having to suck it up to carry out our calling in life. I felt she put to pen about a million things I have been feeling over these past few months! My “fun books” keep turning into these major wows, I pray the Lord keeps em comin!

2. There’s no place like home…… I shutter to say this because in the matter of a phone call we could be packing back up (there isn’t anything that serious, I am just saying in God’s economy…). But today I went to Coy Lacy Park and walked and talked, telling God over and over, there’s no place like home”. For those of you who aren’t Clarksvillians, Coy Lacy is just a local park, nothing spectacular about it, but for me today it was like Disney World. I have been to that park many times, but this was the first time Mr. Cross had the experience. We had a little play-date with our sweet Snick who has been loaned out because of renting rules. I put pictures above so you guys could see our little man and our little princess(poodle roodle for the Pintos), having a blast. I may wear you out with pictures thanks to my fancy new camera (it’s not really all that fancy, but it is to me). So selfishly, pray with me because I want to stay home, but regardless, I will forever be grateful for this season of “at home rest”! The air just smelled perfect and the birds sounded louder today at Coy Lacy Park and that was a great gift for these dry bones!

3. Finally, a new series that is rocking my world called “My best friend”. I pray that you guys have gotten hooked on pod casts and if not, please do! There are some awesome pastors out there and thanks to technology, we are blessed to be fed in many ways these days so let’s eat up! I say this often about this guy, but I think this really is my favorite! His series called “The Journey” was my last favorite (if that tells you anything) so listen to that one as well!
Then click on "more sermons" and you'll see the goods!
I would start with "Who is He?"

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

kelly i love love love all the pics on your blog :) and, i would seriously pay large sums of money just to be able to go to coy lacy park with you & the kiddos! i am not kidding, that sounds so wonderful!!

The Human Jukebox said...

We miss the Bullocks!