Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have you ever times two.................

The ride to the salon, the hat has many purposes right now!

Where on earth did this cape come from, a super hero in the making!

The Before

The million dollar expression....

And FINALLY, the after....

Ok, so I know I am being "that mom" but is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life. I just about fell in the floor and cried when Cross got his first big boy haircut (his very first was a tiny one by mommy). He just looked like such a little man. I know my baby Cross is getting to be a big boy, but God was so good this morning and gave me some uncharacteristic snuggle time with my forever baby! He is usually on the move until you literally feel like you throw him into the crib for bedtime. He grew out of snuggling from the moment crawling and walking came along. Our sweet little puppy won't even let me snuggle, but ONE DAY, I am getting a lap something or another. Hopefully a little pretty princess girl that will love her mommy's lap, but if not, I will be on the lookout for a 4 legged cutie that will fill my snuggle need! I love you guys and am still feeling your prayers! I thought I would share with you some random, but powerful things the Lord has been showing me lately, just snid bits of wisdom, but I am thrilled to share! Love you guys and have an awesome rest of the week!

"How's it workin for ya?" My favorite quote by Dr. Phil that a large percentage of the population does not live by. The Lord keeps impressing on me to constantly asking myself, "how's that workin for ya" and if my answer is "not so hot" then He is showing me to seek wisdom and make changes! Let's don't live defeated lives, let's seek wise council and wisdom and power from the Holy Spirit and let's do the work to make life better. Joyce Meyer said today, the world is supposed to be defeated, Christians on the other hand are supposed to be victories! Well, amen sister, let's start acting like it, deal!

What will make you come alive? Lately, I haven't felt all that alive and today I listened to a Joyce Meyer series that gave me a new found vision that I am thrilled to share. She was teaching on our purpose in life and it is simple, to glorify God and then she went on to say how, God's desire is for us to help hurting people. Then the Holy Spirit kept telling me that when our job opened that we were to be very intentional about using our new budget to help the hurting. He kept impressing on me that the key was to start with percentages instead of staring with all our "needs". We need to sit down and pray with our spouse on percentages that we agree to and then come alive as we sit down with our budget and see what a difference we can make. Here is a sample just to get you thinking! This will most certainly make us come alive, getting our minds off ourselves:
20, 20, 60 (if you read previously forgive my math error, we won't even discuss my major :(
20% Savings (10% short term, 10% long term)
20% Giving (10% tithe to your local church and 10% to something(s) that make your heart beat!
60% Spending (start with taking out the "main" bills: rent, insurance, utilities, and food, then add in til the money runs out, this will keep you from feeling guilty for spending, yet giving an end to your "needs")
Doesn't this sound fun, if you are not in a situation (like us) to have any left over after the bare basics are paid then be faithful in tithing with that budget and look at your "time budget" more closely and see how you can serve the needy.
You will have a blast with the offering percentage. If you have a friend that is a single mom, rock her world! Babies close to your heart? Give to a local pregnancy center. Love good water, give to James and Betty Robison and help them dig wells. If you can do 50% giving, crunch those numbers and get ready to have the party of your life!

Finally, don't live as a martyr. I was talking to a girlfriend yesterday who has desperately missed qt with her hubby after a very long deployment. Make sure the above is done and then give yourself a treat! If you are feeling overwhelmed, schedule a massage. If you need some time with your man, plan a date or better yet, a vacation. Need a camera (like I did) take that birthday money and run before the bills come a nockin! Let's don't be martyrs, let's enjoy life to it's fullest!

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R.L.Scovens said...

Life is too short for us to waste it being miserable! Great post!