Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Blog in action................

Hey guys! I am so pumped to tell you about an opportunity to put our love for Jesus and His children in action! I am going to walk in the Hope Pregnancy Center's Walk/Run for Life and I need sponsors and LOTS of them! I want to raise a ton of money that will be used specifically for kicking satan in the butt over one of his greatest schemes! He is such a punk to tell women that covering one sin with another will "fix things". After holding Cade at only 4 months and seeing all of his amazing features I am even more determined that I must fight this cause until I go join him in Heaven!!!!!!!!! This is the drill, all you need to do is to email me with the amount you want to pledge and your address and the Center will send you something in the mail and then you just send back the money, that easy! Remember, no amount is too small! Let's spend our cash for eternity instead of for now!!!! Love you guys! Oh, and I am going to "fast" from posting even though there are several swirling around in my head until the Walk is over (May 16th) in order to keep praying that the Center will flourish in 2009!


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