Sunday, April 12, 2009

Like the princess she was born to be............

Hello friends! Yesterday afternoon as we were heading to Jeremy's Grandmother's for a glorious Easter Egg Hunt, I saw the most darling girl in her brand new Easter dress. I have no idea who she was, I simply watched as she got out of her car with her sweet little Easter basket wearing a dress that you could tell by the skip in her step made her feel like the princess she was born to be. See ladies (gentleman you will have to substitute prince for princess) we were born with this very appropriate sense of royalty! That little girl walked the way we were born to walk. Unfortunately, most of us have been "run over" by life. Our graceful twirls have been crippled into at best a lonely limp. We have been beaten, divorced, abused, rejected, scared, chemoed, the list goes on and on! I so look forward to the ultimate twirl we will feel once we are in the arms of the Savior, the King! That will make even the finest Easter dress look like filthy rags! I love you all and I pray that each of you experiences as much of your God given right to be a princess of the King as humanly possible. I pray that the Savior has forgiven you and freed you from the grip of sin to the point that even if only in your living room you can twirl like the princess you were born to be. I am starting to slowly but surely feel like a blessed child of God more days than I feel like the sinner I had totally become! His grace is sufficient and His mercies are made new every morning! Those mercies give us the grace to twirl no matter how hard satan fought for our limp!


*I had to post some pictures of Cross hunting Easter Eggs. Well, to be more accurate, trying to run out into the road. He had no clue what to do with the eggs but there was so much temptation towards the road! He had a blast and laughed the entire time regardless! Thanks Granny for the Easter fun, you are the best!!!!!!!!

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