Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is how this works! I fall in love with a sermon or sermon series once a week. It is just my personality! I need a lot of stuff to keep my mind right throughout the day. A heart prone to wonder is my life's curse, but my truest reality! But my man on the other hand, he falls in love with a sermon or series like once a year. Last time it was Francis Chan's series on the Holy Spririt and I probably know like 50 people who watched that series after his rave review. (If you are interested it can be found at That series was so life changing and now............drum roll 2009, he has landed on a new one. You know this is a big deal when he starts telling EVERYONE that he comes in contact with to go and watch it. Again, I do this all the time, he does it once a year. That is a great lesson in my man's wisdom, when he says watch it, he is the opposite of the little boy who cried wolf, you SHOULD watch it and soon! The link is and as of now it is on the homepage. It is the last sermon in a series called "Where's my bailout" and the sermon is called "Yours". So, go get the greatest hour of your life over with and then post a comment about how speechless you are afterwards! All I know is that my guy came out of the office today after his quiet time a changed man and that.....well makes me madly in love to say the least! Love you all and I put some more cute Cross pics just to boot!


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