Monday, December 14, 2009

Writer's Block...........................

Hey gang,

Sorry it has been a bit since I last said hello. I seem to be having a tad bit of writer's block these days. There's really nothing new here at the Bullock home, just trucking along, trying to have more good days than bad. I am up at a very random hour after an early night nap so thought it was most fitting to say hello. Usually it is the early a.m. letters that I am most comfortable with but this late night feels fun all the same. OOOOHHHH I just got a dirty look from the hubs. That too is rare as he is never trying to sleep before me. He asked me politely to "go away" hahahhah! Oh the joys of life!

Many have asked "how are you guys doing" and the answer is better than we deserve. That is always a funny, older man, comment but that is reality here for sure. God is moving in our lives, although mainly in our hearts and only small steps in our circumstances, it is really more beautiful that way. Cross is growing like a weed, tall and skinny actually. His little butt can't hold up a pair of pants to save his life and he is starting the toddler eating strike that I had heard was coming. He picks at best. That stage doesn't do so well for the take it or leave it rule because the mama in you wants to offer him whatever just to make sure the little guy has enough calories to sleep, but I am getting better knowing that he is not going to starve.

Also, we have had a great victory here by giving up paci. I have always preferred the p-a-s-s-y spelling, you know, like sassy, but passy and J has informed me, laughing in front of friends, (they joined him) that I have no clue how to spell. That is really not new news, but it was hard to hear all the same. I informed him that slangs can be spelled however the user prefers. I should find that rule online and use a foot note just to show him up! Ok, where was I, yes paci is gone and honestly that was as smooth of a transition as any could have been. I am so blessed to have a new friend that made me suck it up and make the move and he did great. We have been doing nights and naps only for a while and the Lord walked me through the first few "crying it outs" and within a day or two we were down to like 1 minute of crying which is no more than when we had the paci lots of the time. So there's my mom advice for the day, wait until life is realitvely calm and then pull up your boot straps and get the job done! So much easier said than done I know.

Please do pray too for Cross' speech. At his 2-year well check the doc gave me the 3month grace, but then the speech troops must be called in. Pray that I will know what my role is to help him learn to talk but not carry the guilt burden that satan always attempts. I know in the end he will be a happy talking Kindergartner. I just know it is frustrating to him as well because he just can't always get what he wants in his head across to mommy's head and that would make anyone mad.

On a lighter note, I hope everyone is enjoying the picture of our little Christmas Snicker Bug. That was taken at our old Clarksville house and for the life of me I can't get our tag to go below her little body on the carpet so no "Bullock Family" and fun verse can be retrieved. I am so slow at this blog design stuff. Maybe one day I will have a personal designer who will give me the fun look and I won't have to mess with it! I prefer the writing part for sure. Little Snickers is a bit on the chubby side these days. I am sure the 3,000 pounds of gold fish Snicker Snacks that Cross has offered up has nothing to do with that extra weight. I tell him "no" but I just can't bring myself to discipline him for sharing with his sister. They are so darn cute together. They are finally at the age to enjoy one another's company (most of the time). Cross gives a good bye farewell to her when we leave and those are the first words out of his mouth when we pull in the drive way. Most of his words are sounding a bit redneckish. SNIIIIIIIIIIIICK and then "I tuck" for "I'm stuck" say it with a drawwwwwwwwww. It is so cute! Just makes my heart smile. In the mornings when he wakes and wants to get out of his crib he yells "Oh no........I tuck". You gotta love that! What a nice way of saying "come get me lady".

Well, other than that, the Bullocks are rocking along and the writer's block is broken! I am thanking Jesus for any and all victories we are having. He is so good, so faithful and the only hope at victory this life can bring. I am honored you read blog friends. Keep me posted on you!!!!


By the way, I am posting this without the hubs spell check so laugh along friends if there are any good ones, I can take it!

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Kelly said...

For the record, I won the spelling bee in school and I too spell the slang for pacifier p-a-s-s-y.