Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

Good Morning again blog world! I am writing Happy New Year a day early because I am certain tomorrow with the hubs home and the ever so exciting (I mean this literally for my personality) home organizing overhaul under way I won't stand a chance at saying hello. I think how blessed we are that after Christmas we have to reorganize the entire house just to make sure everything fits and finds a place. I am typing at the speed of light too this chilly a.m. because any second a certain little boy may awake and the games will begin! My Happy New Year title includes a very loud PRAISE THE LORD as well because although I know that 2009 has taken off tons of yuck and given way to lots of growth, I am not looking back to see it go! I couldn't be more excited to start a fresh New Year. The Lord has spoken to me over and over in my Spirit telling me that 2010 has some much needed favor upon it! I have written before about the Lord giving us a "word" for the year and that thought crossed my mind the other day and instantly the Lord gave me "renewal" and oh how that was music to my ears and a cool rag for my soul! I can't wait to see what all He has in store.

We must never forget that although He takes away, more often He gives. So be on the edge of your seat sweet friend for what all this year will intell! Well, I didn't get a lot in, but the little guy is up and the day must begin! I am praying for you guys out there! I am praying that you will hold on to HOPE and allow the Lord to rock your world this 2010 year! The absolute worst thing that could have happened to me this past year was not loosing a baby or us not having a stable job or any of the other life let downs, no the worst thing that could have happened would have been if we had walked away from our Savior, from our HOPE! And by God's great and amazing grace we DID NOT! So 2010 here we come! With bells and whistles galore!

The Bullocks!