Sunday, January 3, 2010

M and M's

I thought I would start a new fun set of posts called the M and M's.............

Mature Mom Moments

Figured we could all have a few good laughs at the expense of ME, nothing new really!

Before I get going though my heart is so heavy for a dear friend of mine. She has posted this info on her blog, but I am still going to leave out her name just to protect their private heart ache. She and her husband have been going through years of infertility and began the journey of adoption this past year. She was one that I posted about who finally had an adoption that was complete. They had 2 "matches" fall through very late in the game so we were all rejoicing to say the least. Well, it all came tumbling down this past week and on New Year's Day while the rest of the world was celebrating, they were driving the sweet baby back to his birth mother. Obviously in adoption there is pain on all sides so please pray for the entire situation, but selfishly, my friends are heart broken and I would do just about anything to make all their pain end! If you are reading sweet friend, your M and M moments will come and you will post them and they will embarrass you to death, but you won't mind because your heart's desire will be fulfilled! Our God WILL bless you! I know it!

So, the other day I was a little stressed. Let's just start there. I think I was trying to get out the door early. Jeremy was being............well.........I don't know how to say this nicely so I will stick with human, not perfect. And I was being a big selfish brat. I was wanting him to tend to my every need and not caring less about any of his. So, he leaves for work, I am running around the house trying to get everything together and Cross is in lala kid land, eating some dry Cherrios in the living room which were SUPPOSED to be a mess free breakfast ON PURPOSE might I add. (Wow that was a long sentence) So, I run through the room and look over and he has dumped the bowl out everywhere!!!!!!!! You can probably imagine how I am feeling at this point. So instead of killing him I say "young man, you better pick every one of those up" and then he TURNS to start picking them up and I hear like ten crush under his feet. comes the mature mom moment, I say "Oh Sh_t" in an attempt not to totally scream and freak out! Lovely, I know, but it gets better. My sweet child that is learning words (not many but a few) every day says in the sweetest voice you have ever heard in your entire life, you guessed it, "Oh Sh_t". Lovely, good job mom! I smiled and prayed that God would not have him repeat that to me daily and got a dust pan and a broom!

So, here's your chance. Have you done something so incredibly immature this week? Have you thought to yourself, great job mom, real mature! If so, please give us all a good laugh and yourself a bunch of grace! It happens, praise the Lord not any more often!

Promising to try not to CUSS this week, good golly,

Had to add some sweet photos as well, just for good measure! And I promise, he is still totally passy free, those are from these past few months! So sweet!


Tabitha Gilliland said...

Kelly, my heart hurts and hurts for your dear friend. They must feel like their world is crumbling down. I know God feels every ounce of pain along with them, and I pray that He touches them with His most caring spirit.

Like you said, one day your friend, too, will blurt something out and pray, pray, pray that her little one will not repeat it :). Eric and I had a great laugh about your story. Love you all.

Kristi Cherry said...

Cross is so cute! I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your M and M moments! We've all had them.
A recent one that stands out in my mind is when I try (unsuccessfully) to not laugh when I tell Trevor not to make an announcement before he "passes gas." Then after he says, "I got something for ya" and lets it rip, I crack up while I tell him it's not funny! BOYS! :-)

Bullock Family said...

Oh Kristi, that is a whole nother level of boy that we have not entered! Thanks for the encouragement! Hahahhahahaha I am sure I will be cracking up too while our guys are like "that's my boy"!