Monday, January 11, 2010

Miracles happening and more needed to come.......

Hey everyone, so sorry I have not given you an update on my dear friend Shawnna sooner, but things have all happened rather quickly and I am just now stopping to post. First, Jesus, you are soooooooooooooo good! Her scan showed that her liver is totally cancer FREE! That is a miracle my friends and for so many of you who have lost loved ones to cancer, you know that I mean MIRACLE! I don't want to lessen that miracle, but along with it comes a quick request for another one needed and lots and lots of prayer. They did find a very small spot on her brain and as I am becoming more of an expert on cancer than I ever remotely wanted to be, that means surgery and surgery fast. She goes in tomorrow morning and should have her surgery closer to lunch. Obviously any time surgery and brain are in the same sentence it is serious, but they have said that unless there is a complication it should be a "minor" surgery (if there is such a thing referring to the brain). So ladies (and gentlemen if you are out there) let's hit it! Our knees I mean! Pray for Shawnna spiritually, physically, pray for her family, for her girls and for those awesome doctors and nurses to be on their A game! I love you all and the way you have cared for Shawnna as most of you are "strangers" to her physically, but not one bit spiritually!

Because of Him,


Amy said...

What WONDERFUL news!!! Will be praying for sure!


Trina said...

Thanks for sharing...I will pray for her today and please keep us updated!!!