Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Do you hear that noise? You are right, it is complete silence. Snick has a slight snore going on and the sound machine is buzzing the house down, but other than that I am sitting in complete and utter silence. These moments have become so precious to me. I would have to say that is the hardest transition for me as a parent, needing life to stop yet someone demanding that it didn't. I am an extrovert who married an introvert and have been either slightly (or largely) influenced. Or it could be just the fact of the marriage and kiddo alone, but I need more of this and I am not seeming to get it! I find myself looking back, longing often for the glory days of coming home to an empty house, watching HGTV for hours and snacking on cerealish things for a wholesome dinner. Yet all the while I am trying to remind myself that what I have now, was what I longed for then. I find myself thinking that the greatest gift for me personally would be a hotel room, all alone, with cable, internet, and maybe yummy room service, well while we are dreaming let's pray the hotel has a spa and that it is all free. Oh, well, the sweet hubs just walked in the door so the moment has ended. I so enjoyed sharing it with you all! Nite Nite!


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