Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Father Daughter Purity Ball

Hey gang, many of you know that I am back at the Hope Pregnancy Center (may never be able to leave all together) and am working on the Father Daughter Purity Ball. I am calling all parents of (or anyone you know who is a parent of) girls ages 6th-12th grade. Our younger night is full, but there is PLENTY of room left in our older night and I just can't stand the thought of having this awesome evening, awesome night to build memories and make new commitments and not tell the whole Clarksville world to please come! The event is next week, Feb 6th and all the details can be found at Please go online and register or send this note to anyone you know who has a teenage daughter. Also, please be in prayer for this entire event! The Lord uses it in a mighty way. It is life changing. And we need HIM to prompt dad's to take their sweet teenage daughters!

Because of Him,

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