Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I love about you..................

Several people have used this super cute idea to remember sweet things about their babies. Usually at little "birthdays" or "birthweeks", but I am just doing it so that I don't dare forget these sweet things. Especially after our trip to WalMart today when I almost bought a spatula and "went to the bathroom"! Let's focus on the positives, ok, ok!

I love it when we are driving along and you get this super excited whisper and you start saying, tractor, tractor, tractor.

I equally love when you get so excited that you just HAVE TO bite something. I so want to teach you not to bite, but it is so darn cute! You are like your mama, passionate about life! hahahha

I love it when you say "a cara" "a car" over and over in a parking lot as if it were your first real live car to ever see!

I love it when you are such a boy and care nothing about "small talk" with friend and you go off and ram something with a car. You have that boy nature so deep in your blood and it is adorable to watch.

I love it when we say the word school and you say "cho cho" because there is a train at your school and that's really all you care about!

I love the look on your face when you see your Granddaddy! Priceless!

And last, but certainly not least, I love you in this picture in the bathtub with your friends. That face has melted my heart forever!

Mommy's Boy!

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Amy said...

Such a sweet picture!! Such a sweet boy (o: