Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey Ya'll....................................

As my husband sits beside me screaming at the football game I thought this would be the perfect time to say hello. It is continuing to be brought to my attention about my overuse of exclamation points, so this will be the blahest blog I have ever written. I am determined not to be excited about anything and am using no exclamation points in this blog if it kills me. Oops, this will take a lot of backspacing. It just comes natural. So, the hubs and I have been on an amazing get-a-way this past weekend..........oh no, Bret Favre just lost, now there is much frustration brewing in our bed. Can you believe that the pilot on our trip home today gave an update on the game every 15 minutes and when we arrived in Nashville every male in the entire airport was crowded around a television. Guys are so weird!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that's as long as I could make it! I was getting depressed!

So back to my trip, God is good, that is where we will start and that most certainly requires an exclamation point times two!! He rolled out the red carpet for J and I to take a long weekend trip (alone, no kiddo) to Texas! We had the perfect combo of time with some of our dearest friends who live in Houston. J got tons of guy time while I snuck away and spent a night at a little Beth Moore event with a great friend Emily. And then finally, the hubs and I drove to Dallas and spent the night in a super fancy hotel and went to church this a.m. at the none other than Gateway Church. The one I am constantly begging you guys to sign on and be blessed by their messages. The entire trip could not have been more perfect. I was more than thrilled to get back to my sweet baby boy who had most certainly grown an entire two inches no doubt in one short weekend.

I have thought about you all a million times. I was wondering how I could put Beth's entire teaching on a single post, but I will refrain. She even totally convicted me about "passing things on" before we even allow them to be pressed into our own hearts so I am going to refrain and make sure these things God is teaching me are pressed in tightly before I pass them along! I will say I am reading an amazing book........

"Secrets of the Secret Place" by Bob Sorge

I will equally refrain from posting about 100 quotes from that book and promise that I am attempting to press all of it in as well. I will say, it would do every Christian a whole heap of good to get this book, read it, and press it in daily for the rest of our lives. Well the midnight hour of 10:00 p.m. is quickly approaching so I better sign off. I love you all and I can't leave without telling you a line from a song we sang this morning.

He died the Lamb and rose the King.........................

Also, that is the Minute Maid Park that we got to tour and please make a close observation of the sunshine. I think I failed to mention that it was 75 while we were in Texas! Thank you JESUS!
And please tell me that someone else's husband was grumbling mightly over the ice skating that is now on television so that I will know for certain that I am not the only one! CRANKY
And yes, his sweet post a few weeks back most certainly did get him husband of the YEAR!
Ok, I'm really getting off now, nite, nite!

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Emily Feicht said...

hey gal, so glad that you had a great time in Texas :) i was missing your blog! i know, i can't say much since i am the worst blogger ever... anyway, missing you and just wanted to say hello! :)