Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You are making it very difficult...................

This morning as Cross walked around the house whining and being very rude and bossy, I said under my breath in an attempt to try to keep my cool, "Cross, you are making it very difficult today for mommy to get excited about parenting you." I laughed almost immediately as I thought of our Father saying the same thing to us. All too often (I know for me at least) I make it very difficult for my husband to get excited about being married to me, my family and friends and coworkers to get excited about loving me, and I am sure I make it difficult for my son to get excited about me being his mommy. But most often I am certain that it is the Lord, who in His great perfection doesn't snatch me up by the neck several times a day, when I make it so difficult for Him to do what needs to be done to parent me properly. So this Christmas season, let's do everything in our power to make it EASY for those around us to love us, but most importantly, let's make it easy for our Father to bless us, to be proud to call us His chosen people, to parent us as we need! I love you guys! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


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