Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whatcha really want............

These are just random shots of our trip and our return. I knew you guys wanted pictures so I thought I would share even if there is no particular order involved.

This is Mercy as we landed in the states. She obviously did AMAZING on the flight, better than we did really.

This is Mercy girl and her Daddy! They are both IN LOVE, can you tell?

This is the boy we sponsor from the dump who is now in boarding school. Proof a few dollars can really change a life. We love him like he is our son and we were so thrilled he got to meet his sister. Pray for this sweet young man; Thomas is a good American name for short. He is an absolute gentlemen of gentle men. Pray he continues to follow hard after Jesus.

Here is Mercy on the day we picked her up, opening her Valentine from her Granny.

This is just a bit of loving while we were there. I still cannot stop kissing her!

This is a shot to show you just how tiny she is and just how big our boy has gotten. He is only 6 months older but towers her in size.

This is her first meeting with her Granny.

and her PopPop

And this picture says it all, precious moments here!

And then finally, our welcoming home.......

Thank you guys so much for your prayers. Every single day is getting easier and more normal. I think we are finally caught up on our sleep. (I am awake so that is proof.) We have several big things this week so two prayers are insurance and readoption. We have to take the paperwork in to apply for her to be on our insurance, obviously pray they say yes. And then we are meeting with a lawyer (possibly a few) to get details about what we need to do to readopt her in the states, change her birth date, etc. Thanks again, this has been a dream and a miracle, all wrapped up into one unbelievable story we get to call life!


Kathryn said...

Hey Kelly! Congratulations again. I really enjoy reading about your family's adventures. Quick question, what does it mean that you have to change Mercy's birth date? Just curious. Kathryn

rhaut said...

How precious is she?! Thank you for all the pictures with descriptions!:) Miss ya and praying for ya!:)