Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, we made it home and 36 hours later I have lived to blog about it! When I started this page, I wanted it to be real. I didn't want to just put our "cutest" family pictures up and brag about how "great" everything was and God has certainly allowed me to have much to share over these past few hours at home. Don't the pictures look great. Our son is so cute and at the hospital I could literally say everything was perfect. He was sleeping great, feeding great, life was great! Then we came home.......... We had a wonderful time with our family while Cross just slept and slept and slept (that should have been my first cue) and then everyone left and we (well Jeremy and I) turned in for the night, but Cross on the other hand was ready to PARTY! To make a very long 24 hours short, we didn't sleep at all and we aren't feeding great to say the least! He has an unheard of problem, he doesn't want to eat. Maybe every 5 hours which sounds like a great thing, but worry, worry, and guilt guilt try to take hold. Basically, all I can say is that everything on this side of heaven, even the greatest gift God has given me since my amazing husband is still a let down in comparison to Jesus! He is STILL my only true source of happiness and during the middle of the night I didn't even know what that looked like anymore, but I certainly knew "this world has nothing for me". Night number 2 has gone much better. I had a plan yesterday that our little blessing was NOT going to sleep all day and party all night and that has worked surprisingly well. Please do pray that our latching and feeding continue to get better. We have a Dr. appointment this morning so I am about to hit the shower and start the 2 hour prep time that I know will still be rushed! Love you all and from the entire Bullock Family, thank you for your prayers, support, love, laughs and Starbucks coffee!!!!!!!!!!

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