Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ok, BIG News!

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! We apologize for not having updated baby pictures sooner, but things have been a little wild around here! I hope these cute ones make up for my slacking! Ok, so the big news........... We would love to sit down and tell everyone this news face to face, but because of time this is our only option. It is official, at least 99.9%, that we are moving to Elizabeth City, North Carolina. We are heading over as a family at the beginning of January and unless something major happens on either end, we are going to be calling New Community Church our new church home. Jeremy will serve as the church's Student Minister and I am more than excited to see him get to use his amazing gift full time! The church has loved us more than we could ever repay already! Our house is now on the market so if you know any friends, family, acquaintances or hey even strangers that need a new home here is the link so send them our way. Seriously, some prayer requests include: our house selling, us finding a home there, the logistics of moving with a one month old and most importantly broken hearted grandparents. There is nothing worse than having an adorable baby boy with all of his grandparents close by and then moving him 13 hours away :( Please pray they somehow get the quality time with this little guy regardless of the miles! Finally, the students in Elizabeth City! Please pray that God goes before us and prepares their hearts and that Jeremy will be able to build awesome relationships and make a huge impact for Jesus! I can't wait to see lives changed, that will make this whole thing worth it! Again, we wish we could have told everyone who has loved us this far face to face, but we are planning to move as soon as the logistical details are in place so the blog was the only practical way to go! We love you and thank you so much in advance for your prayers!
Because of Him,
J, K, Cross, and of course Snick!


Freddy T. Wyatt said...

Absolutely fantastic! We are so excited for you!!!

wbray said...

aww kelly! i'm so excited for yall. it was so good to see you last week and to hang out w/ cross for a while and eat wendy's in the bed!! :) i'm definitely praying for yall and i'll be over to visit in NC when yall get settled in!! love you so much! let me know if there's anything i can do!

Anita said...

AWESOME news for the Bullock Family of how God is providing and moving in your lives....even in the literal sense! :) We've seen the Lord work miracles in selling our homes when He has moved us and we have no doubt He'll do it for you as well. Can't wait to see all that He continues to do in your lives!! Merry Christmas! Love, Anita, Mark and kids