Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miss you lots.............

Hey gang! I feel like it has been months since we chatted! Things have been a little wild around here to say the least. We have traveled lots and even my adventurous side is all pooped and ready to be home for an extended stay! Thanksgiving will be in E-City for certain! I have a lot of good stuff to share! I just got a copy of the CDs from the Relentless conference that I went to last month and as I started listening I found myself saying "I've GOT to share this with you guys". Here are just some things for you to ponder, I am pondering too, promise! Jeremy and I also have some unexpected, but amazing news.............yes, #2 is on the way. I so wanted to wait until we had an ultrasound to share with you guys, but a few people know and the word on the street is traveling fast! We are so thrilled to say the least. At the Pregnancy Center I was able to get an ultrasound right away, but now that I am just an average Joe (no pun intended) I have to wait on an appointment. How absurd! hahhaha So next Wednesday I will hopefully see a healthy little bundle and quiet frankly would be thrilled if there were two bundles. This has been a hard month of pregnancy, but I feel like our family is supposed to have 3 babies so I would love nothing more than to just knock it out and be done. We are overwhelmed with their closeness, but we know it will be a season that will reap great rewards! My brain is fried and I take every nap that Cross takes and am finally not feeling like I am going to throw up every time I move so my excitement is increasing daily. For a week or so I just wondered what on earth we had done! I would still greatly appreciate any and all prayers being sent my way! Ok, so back to the conference. I asked myself, "am I really relentless" " do I really plan to stick this Jesus thing out til the end, regardless" I pray my answer is always YES! Read over these highlights and let me know if you were as convicted as me! Love you lots! Cade or Chapel will be here ASAP! :)


Somebody's got to be a demonstration that this Bible works! Are you that someone?

Can God trust you with the last thing He told you to do?

Are you perfecting phoniness or realness?

Is it enough that He saved you? Period, no strings attached, or do you demand more?


The Smith's said...

I am so happy for you guys! It will definitely not always be a piece of cake having them close, but the benefits in the long run will be immeasurable. Hang in there, and I hope you are feeling better every day.


The Smittys said...

Kelly girl, oh I am so happy you are having another baby too :) I also pray that it is twins for you....as I hope for them, maybe one will just appear on delivery day, thats what I think. Haha...are we nuts? You are awesome, keep pressing on.

DtCtyGrl said...

Congratulations! What a sweet blessing.
Love ya,

The Davis Family said...

Oh my goodness! I did not expect that one coming as I read this blog. How exciting!! I will be praying for you all as your family continues to grow.