Friday, June 4, 2010


They can't be trusted, they make me crazy because they NEVER fit in a box, they make you feel yuck and they make you not want to do what you really need to do. For me that "need to do" is go to bed, but instead I thought I would start a blog. Great idea? So this oil spill, my heart breaks for the birds that are covered, the ocean that is filled, but honestly and selfishly, the most heart breaking thing for me right now is MY SUMMER VACATION! A friend and I were heading to Winchester in a week to grab my mom and my nephew and HIT THE BEACH! After much denial and putting our heads in the oily sand, pictures came today that proved that trip was not going to happen. So I am pouting. I know that is so mature and I wish I "felt" what I know as truth, but at the moment all I feel is "you were going to get to have tons of fun and girl time and Cross was going to have the trip of his life" and instead "I am going to sit in my hot, boring backyard and cry"! So sorry you guys are having to read me whine, but if you are on the east coast, less than 8 hours away from Winchester, TN and you have a 3 bedroom condo for rent that is available and that will not cause me to have to sell a limb, please give me a call! Otherwise, if you are really suffering from the oil spill, like your livelihood is refunding thousands of dollars or you are going to have to suffer from the consequences that I am certain no one in their wildest dreams could of imagined, please know that I know that I am being VERY petty! My God has richly blessed me and my life is so blessed and He will open the door when/if the time is right. I think I just needed to get on and have a little vent! Love you guys and thanks so much for listening!


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