Sunday, May 30, 2010

What if?

Good Morning Blog World! I write to you this Sunday morning from my Mom's house in Winchester, TN. We have been waiting for weeks and weeks to sneak away and come here. My mom loves Jeremy's handy, honey-do skills, and we love the chance for the whole world to stop and here it does so for free. We watch TONS of HGTV, eat lots, and rest even more. Cross woke up this morning and walked into the silence of the living room and screamed JAMES (my nephew, his only boy cousin) so the games I am certain are about to begin. I, however, am trying to sneak on to the internet and share with you what the Lord shared with me this a.m. because it might be the most profound thing I have ever read. I titled the post "what if" because all morning I kept thinking, "what if I had not picked this study back up", "what if my crazy alarm had not gone off (unintended)" and "what if I had not heard the Lord's still small voice, say "come on, I set it for you, I am dying to chat"".

Ok, where to start? Let me begin with the first sentence that caught my attention this early morning with no coffee since making it would have awaken all. Bear with me here, there will be a LOT of quoting from Mrs. Beth, but I am certain it will bless you as it blessed me, well I am most certainly praying it will at least! All of the below portion is coming from "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things" Week Three, Day Five.

"I got a bit of a late start writing today. Toward the end of the praise and worship service I attended in the den of my cabin this morning (by myself), I heard the voice of God speak to my heart: "Come and play.""

"I don't always hear Him like that, oh how I wish I did, but I don't. Sometimes we have to walk away from the deafening demands of our chaotic lives to inhale His sweet spirit."

"I lived much of my life having no idea how a mortal heart with eyes blinded to the object of their greatest pleasure could be so slain by immortal romance. I will not rest. Hear me. I will not rest until I have told everyone who will listen of this wondrous love."

"Oh Beloved, we sing of this love week after week in our perfectly timed orders of worship while heaven's hosts gather curiously and watch masses of mortals sing in one accord of a love they do not know."

"A fury rises within me, and my soul shakes its fist. Surely the vilest of all demons' doctrines tells us that love for God, since He is by essence unseen and untouched, is not something you feel. Lies!"

Friends, this is a fury that is in my soul as well and never in this lifetime could I have put it in more perfect words. Why, why, why is religion so rampant? Why, why, why is relationship so far from so many believer's reach? Why? It is because they are missing out on God's love! I don't get up in the a.m. to do some religious check list called a quiet time. I don't go to church(sometimes every time the doors open) to make myself feel better about life or to keep a legalistic ritual. I will for sure say that temptation is always there. It is always lurking it's ugly face. Religion is a seductive lie and it is always lurking. No, I promise you, I GO, I AWAKE, I listen to worship music and sermons and I burn them like crazy, to the point of breaking my burner, because I LOVE God's lavish LOVE! I am addicted. I would rather hear one word spoken over me from Him than a thousand from man. I sometimes feel like the lucky one because I did not grow up in church. I watch so many of my now friends who did and they battle the "do good" religious temptation over and over. When God specifically times His rescue for you in the middle of your most horrific sin ever, you feel LOVE! When you had NOTHING to offer Him, yet He chased madly after you, you feel LOVE! The lie so many believe that I just somehow had the grace to detect is "That love was meant for so-in-so." You fill in the blank, Beth Moore, Billy Graham, heck maybe even Kelly Bullock. Oh what a lie that would be!!!!!!!!!!!

So blog world, this Sunday day, let's not be a mass of mortals confusing the angels with a song that doesn't seem to match our hearts. HE LOVES US! He loves you and He loves me. HE DIED FOR US, what more proof would we need? I once heard, "So He was willing to die for us, but now He is not willing to talk to us?" Satan's lie really proves brilliant-If I get them to think He is far and distant, then they won't SEEK His presence and therefore they won't FEEL His love.

This past Friday our church did their monthly Night of Worship. Our worship leader causes me to press in like I have never pressed before. She causes me to CHASE the throne. "We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary, we won't be satisfied at all". That's a song I end up screaming to the top of my lungs. We were meant to be content in our lives, but never satisfied with ordinary and there is a HUGE difference. This a.m. I pray you worship not only at your church but also in your home, in the quietness and privacy of your backyard or on a stroll around the neighborhood! You may not "feel" anything when you get started. You may even "feel" angry, frustrated and unloved. But I can promise you, those would actually be just feelings and not truth. Truth states that Jesus is madly and wildly in love with YOU! He is dying for you to FEEL it and He promises, that if you seek Him, He will be found! I am jealous for you, I am jealous for my babies who will grow up in a Christian home, I am jealous that they will never have to battle the pulling reigns of religion. May they (nor you) be satisfied with anything ordinary, may we not be satisfied at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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