Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who has permission?

Good Morning Blog World! It has been a crazy past few days as a sinus problem has come on the scene, my father went back into the hospital (he is fine now) which led to a spur of the moment trip to Winchester, which all contributed to me feeling physically thus mentally at my whits end. THEN an unexpected, 5 minute phone call, changed it all. You see, by God's great and amazing grace, I have a few friends in my life that have permission. Although we are all busy moms and rarely have time to chat for hours or even pray together for 10 minutes, they know they have permission to speak into my life, even if it hurts. That was exactly what happened yesterday. As my body was becoming more and more frail, I called a dear friend of mine who lives almost 1,000 miles away and left her a message and asked her to please pray for me. Well, as God would so graciously and personally do, He gave her insight and wisdom into my situation and she was bold enough to call me back and share. In a nut shell she said that the Lord had showed her that this was a spiritual battle and that my defenses were down, thus I was floundering at the fight. What a word that was, she had no idea the depths, but I most certainly did. Right now I am in between Bible Studies, thus my quite times are random at best. I have not really been IN the Word in weeks, maybe even a month, and it is showing. So often we separate the physical problems in our lives from the spiritual ones and so very often they really go hand in hand.

So I knew that I had to get a plan to build back my defense and that I needed to hurry! Ephesians 6 says to put on the full armour of God and I needed to start with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word. So I pulled out an old study, a Beth Moore that I had not finished. After opening to the page that was in line for me to begin and read "Seduce-Proofing Our Lives", I knew God was smiling saying, "not only will I show you the problem, but I will also supply the answer"! How good is He!

So I wanted to leave you with a few quotes from the study and ask you to pray that I build my armour back this week, this month and the years and lifetime I have ahead. And finally I wanted to ask you, who has permission? Who in your life has permission to call you out in love? Who in your life do you communicate with about your deepest junk (as well as everyday life) so that they know enough to share wisdom and truth? Who are you connected with enough, even if it is only per the phone, that has full permission to speak life into you by the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit? This morning I praised God for my dear friend! I praised Him that although she now has 3 young children that He has given us the grace to still stay connected. I praised Him that He gave me the grace to listen to wise counsel and to wake up this a.m. and fight again!

So I leave you with this challenge. These people rarely fall out of the clear blue sky into our laps. They usually are relationships that we build along the way. They are friends we have taken the leap and chosen to be vulnerable with despite our always busy schedules. They are friends that we have ASKED to help us, to hang out with us, and to speak truth into us. So make sure today that you touch base with that someone who does in fact have permission and if you are lacking that someone, I ask that you spend some time praying and asking the Lord who that certain someone(s) is to be! I love you dearly, I am so thankful for a personal God that doesn't leave me hanging out to dry when I have missed the boat. No, He sends the rescue crew each and every time! Have a glorious Wednesday!

Because of Him,

Quotes from "When Goldy People Do Ungodly Things" Week 3

"Without happiness in Christ, any other source of joy can become a tool for seduction. Nothing will make you consistently happier than a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ."

"We have a yes God who says no only to things that aren't worthy of His children and don't fit into their own personal 1 Corinthians 2:9s."

"............I pray that every one of us will know by heart that dissatisfaction is a stronghold waiting to happen. An unsatisfied soul should never be ignored."

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shelly said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!My quiet times have been few lately and I want to have such a desire for the word that I can't go a day without it! Thank you friend, for once again opening you heart to speak into mine!!