Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Save the Date................

Hello friends and family, I feel like a total stranger! Often we can avoid those who we have not spoken with in forever because we know the catch up time will involve hours. I had that same reservation today as I logged on, but as much as I don't want to miss a single Praise Jesus detail, life has just been crazy, but crazy in a good way. For so much of last year I constantly felt at a stand still. We had no extra funds which so often felt like no life. I feel that season has most certainly passed and the thrilling joy of having a life has most certainly unleashed. Now I am praying that I won't have so much of a life that I miss living. Speaking of that, I went to a glorious Senior Salute for a sweet High School Graduate friend of mine the other night and I was bombarded with the message of Seizing the Day with your sweet babies. All you moms of little ones, it was heart wrenching thinking about being a mom of a "big one". Let's all seize the day! I think I have kissed Cross even more in the past 24 hours than ever before. To think of him walking across a stage receiving so much more than a silly diploma was almost more than I could bare! I'm sticking with fits and such and rocking that sweet baby as long as he will let me!

I came on to say hello, but also to have a bit of a "Save the Date" request with my hometown girls (and guys if you are out there)! Know I love you dearly far-from-here readers, these are just a few fun times that I must share with the ones from around here! First and foremost, I have a dear friend who is obeying a vision from the Lord and having what she calls a Praise Jesus Party! She has been so floored and honored by His great work and mercy over these past few years in her own life and she knows others feel the same! I personally am most excited because the party is being held on Pentecost (this coming Sunday)! How cool that her church is honoring the day that religion was ushered out and Relationship was ushered in through the Holy Spirit!! The event will be held at Madison Street United Methodist Church at 5 p.m. on Sunday. If you are interested and need more details or want me to save you a seat, please just shoot me an email at bullockfamily77@gmail.com.

Next is what I will call "A Good Excuse!" I personally could eat Chick-fil-a everyday of my life. I have shared my love for that place with you guys before, but this is just another GREAT excuse to justify having a night of no cooking, no cleaning, no begging your kids to please eat their vegetables AND you would be supporting my trip to Ethiopia, all in one swift swoop! Chick-fil-a on Madison Street has been SO kind to offer me a night of support this coming Wednesday the 26th of May from 5-8p.m. I will have details about my trip and the hubs and son will be joining me. All you have to do is come and let the order-taker know that you are there for "Kelly's Trip" and I will receive a portion of the proceeds. I will also be taking donations for my immunisations which is NO small fee and probably NOT covered by insurance! What a glorious blessing this opportunity is and to the Blevins I say thank you, thank you for having such generous, giving, and Christ centered hearts! What an honor to call you friends!

And finally, the Hope Pregnancy Center's Annual Mother/Daughter Tea is in a few short weeks. Details can be found at http://www.friendsofclarksvillehope.com/events.php and know that it is not just for Mothers and Daughters ONLY, it can be for any great gal friends to enjoy!

So that's it my fellow friends. I pray that you will pull out your calendar's right now and SAVE THE DATES! I love you all and until next time when I promise to attempt to really catch up, have a glorious week following Jesus!!!!!!!!!


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