Saturday, May 22, 2010


No I will NOT let you take a picture of me in my surgery gown.................

Studying with my daddy..........

Say Cheese...................

My boo-boo, this is long gone, but we STILL talk lots about our boo-boo!

Do you hear that? Nope, it's not a screaming kid, it's not a barking dog, it's not a messy house calling out to be cleaned, no it is complete and utter silence!!! Oh Blog Friends, I have anxiously awaited this very moment for weeks and it has finally come! Why on earth and how on earth did I let life get so busy? For those of you who know me well I personally HATE the word busy! I am a firm believer in the fact that we ourselves set our schedules and ESPECIALLY as a stay at home mom it makes absolutely no sense for me to be too busy! My sweet husband has grown me so much in this area. As you can probably tell, even if you don't know me well, I am a bit hyper and a bit of a thrill junky, but my sweet man..............he is cooooooool, calm, and collective. He is never in a tizzy, never too busy, he has NO problem chilling and enjoying life. When we got married he made it very clear that we were not going to have something going on every night and every weekend. Well, now I am sold! I have looked forward to this very weekend for almost a month as it was the one scratched out in the calendar for absolutely nothing. After the Walk (which was amazing by the way if I forgot to update, the Center has to-date raised almost $27,000, thank you Jesus) and a million other things that were non-negotiable in the schedule, this weekend was a must. This morning I woke up and cleaned the house and although that is no one's most favorite job, man does it feel good when it is complete. I can still smell my glorious lavender Swiffer Wets! I also have my laundry done AND groceries bought AND meals planned for the week! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Now I am most certainly NOT saying all of this to brag or to rub it in your face in case you are where I was a few weeks ago and couldn't even get on and read this blog much less feel "caught up". No, I am writing it to say, it feels good and we should all do it a bit more often! Let's get with the Lord and let Him write our schedule and wouldn't you know, it works! Let's slow down, let's get the darn to-do list done, but then let's stop adding to it! Let's enjoy our lives, let's be good stewards of our time, let's give our bodies rest! Let's say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to about a billion "good" things in order to get what is best! Let's take a stroll around the cul-da-sac with our families and let's buy the clothes, and organize the closets, but when they are done, let's be DONE!

Ok, so didn't totally intend for that rant, but there it is and by the way, if you are local and haven't read the previous post, please do, if you are away, skip it, hahhahah! So where was I? Oh yes, I really got on to do some random and miscellaneous updates! I have been so thrilled to get to sit and catch up with many of you! I have the coolest blog friends EVER! One just completed an Iron Man, one has been having a Sleep Over since February, but I am sure there is a great reason for that. One just got a clean bill of health after a year long battle with breast cancer! THANK YOU LORD! One just had a baby after the Lord gave her great wisdom. She insisted on a test that proved her pregnancy a danger so they took the baby early and she is going great. That friend in particular I have never met personally, but oh how I love her heart! I thought it was high time that I actually posted a picture or two and sat down for a nice long hello chat. I think I'll even pause and go heat me up a cup of coffee for the event..............

WEW, much better! For some reason coffee and chats seem to just naturally go hand and hand. So let's start with J, well let me tell ya, that man makes me so proud. As I told you in the shortest post to date and probably ever, he did PASS all of his tests! He is one happy man not having to study any more and he is already loving his work. The Lord has been so faithful through this entire process and we have seen so much evidence of that faithfulness lately! Today I was reminded again of how thankful I am that J did not turn to sin and addiction during such a tough season, but that he stuck it out and now he is receiving his reward. He for sure has a new skip in his step! As I said before, we know life is most certainly not going to be perfect from here on out, but it DOES feel good to have such a major prayer answered and to say "so long" to the dessert land!

Now for my sweet little man Cross. Today as he had his hands in his pockets and his little baseball cap on talking to the neighbor using his all time favorite word "mon-mower" (lawn mower) over and over I could have just about died and gone to Heaven right there! He is talking up a storm now and we are most certainly sure that the tubes have worked! I guess living here in good ol Tennessee where the pollen count is outrageous, my sweet little guy has just not been able to hear for all of the fluid in his ears. After 14 million trial runs with just the right allergy medication I think we have a winner! So that, along with the tubes, is a go! As a mommy, it is so vital to your peace to find something that WORKS for any and all circumstances. I know we have a million hurdles to go, but that one has been jumped. Speaking of, while we are talking about victories, that boy, after what seemed like 3 months of non-stop spankings, is FINALLY staying in his bed like a champ. He is just not the kid that is going to obey without a fight. I have friends that say "oh my son, if you just mention the word spanking, he obeys". Well that sounds great and all and I pray fervently that the next ones are like that, but Cross seems to be a little more like "prove it to me". And we did! hahhahahha Also, a HUGE victory in the diaper rash area............milk allergy, yep, been on soy or almond for a few months now and not so much as even a hint of a rash! So many wins but before I sound annoyingly braggy, here is a note of "please pray for me, I am horrible at this". Cross is now a sponge for learning. He is counting and all kinds of crazy things now that he can talk and well, I'm not so good at all that. I can keep him clean and make him mind, but it is going to take some Holy Spirit influence for me to be good at sitting down with him several times a week and teaching him things. I like teaching the Bible to women, but a 2 year old colors.................well, I am just being honest! So please do pray for me! I don't dare want to miss a moment of growing that little brain for God's glory and it is NOT going to come natural, more like an act of the will! God's grace will be the ONLY way it will happen for certain!

And finally, me, you may be tired of reading by now so skip this part, the men in my life are for sure the most important. Where to start? Well, summer has arrived, Cross had his last day of school on Friday. I was a bit sad! All the moms in the parking lot seemed to be going in extra slow to get their kids. I am still working out some details about my summer work schedule and Cross' summer childcare schedule. God has given me a ton of peace because the futuristic planner in me doesn't do well with life being so up in the air. I guess considering this last year and a half, surely I can handle a little week of detail waiting! I am also working on all my details for my Ethiopia trip, shots, fundraising, need to start childcare details I guess too. I am very excited, but the reality of leaving my boys for 10 days has certainly hit. I can't help though but wonder if we have a baby girl there waiting? The Lord is speaking to me, but it seems to be best until it is all said and done to share. Otherwise a great amount of confusion could occur. Regardless I know there will be a glorious God story to come! I am certainly feeling the verse "more than we could have ever hoped or imagined". I love our life, sure I have days, but overall, I sit in awe of where the Lord has brought me. I do feel like He is showing me that it will be next year before we will be in our home of our own, but I think that too will be so much more than what I could of dreamed that it will be worth the wait. So all in all things are good. I have been struggling with some fatigue problems, but I have had blood work and only lack one test and if all is good a simple supplement will help. I am becoming more practical in life by the minute. My hair cut is easier. I can't decide if I like my bathing suit, but I can't handle putting that back on the to-do list so it will have to do. Who really LIKES a bathing suit anyway? This is a funny side note, but I have also joined the skirt club in the bathing suit department and our next vehicle purchase is most certainly going to be a mini van! I am fully embracing this thing called motherhood. No I am NOT going to wear jean skirts or pj's all day, but there are some things that I am not pridefully bucking anymore! This is truly becoming the greatest joy of my life and that is a good feeling. This cooperate working woman has for certain had the life change of a century, but by God's grace it is becoming more and more natural by the second!

Well, I just scrolled up and realized I now have a 5 page post so I better say so-long! I love you guys! I am so thankful we are on this Jesus journey together! I am so thankful He makes life worth living and trails worth having! They bring about fruit my friends and although I have a LONG way to go, I most certainly think I have come a long way even just this last year! Jesus, it is all by your grace and for your glory! Keep praying for me and I will do the same for you!


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