Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nothing makes sense...................

Good Morning Blog World. I come to you this a.m. with a very sober attitude and heart. I have hesitated to blog because it seems impossible to get on and "chitty chat" while so many in the Middle Tennessee area are experiencing such massive loss and damage. I have heard so many stories this week, just little tidbits here and there, that have made life moving on seem down right wrong for us and more important, impossible for others. I wanted to include a photo to give you a tiny taste of what is going on in our city alone. In case you are an out-of-towner, we experienced record levels of rain this past Saturday and Sunday. With that rain and a state full of major rivers and lakes, the flooding has been more than anyone could have conceived. We are about 40 minutes Northwest of Nashville, the area hit the greatest. Pictures of Nashville have such a striking resemblance to Katrina that it is most eerie. The picture above is a small snap shot of our "Riverside" area. There is a grave amount of damage that is not shown to the "left" of the photo, but this gives you an idea! So needless to say, our community and surrounding areas could use your prayers. It is even more surreal when you know the people who own these businesses and were building the marina. It is (and should be) so hard for those of us who live in unharmed areas to even go about our days without feeling utterly guilt stricken that the greatest inconvenience for us at the moment is having to take a detour downtown. Pray that we, as the body of Christ, pull together in a mighty way and show this town His love, His grace, and His mercy through our efforts to rebuild! May anything satan meant for harm, all be used for His good!

Last night as I sat in church for a night of prayer and worship, a pastor from Nashville spoke and I thought to myself, "I finally have the words to post a blog". He said, "Nothing makes sense..............without the Gospel". You see, why does our nature seem to war against us, because even it groans for the returning of our Savior. Why did Adam and Eve sin in that garden, because God gave us the chance at free will instead of the demand of loving robots. Why did anything get spared and the rain stop, because of God's covenant with Noah. And why do all things work together for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose, because of the Cross. You see, without Jesus, nothing does make sense. But with Him, this horrific catastrophe along with the millions of others that seem to be occurring day after day after day are proof of even an earth that groans for a Savior and a God who was so gracious to send One! Let's pray that through this, people who would have normally gone about their everyday lives without a care in the world, will now see their vast need for a Savior. Pray that redemption comes in this land, but more importantly in the hearts of us sinners!
God even today, you are faithful and worthy of our praise! You are the only reason hopeless situations do in fact have hope! You are the only reason that what looks impossible is not! You are the only reason that we can look at a situation like this and see any chance of good following its footprint. Nothing makes sense..................without YOU!

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Deidre said...

I just can't get over all the devastation. How wonderfully true ... "Nothing makes sense without the Gospel". Very well said.