Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hello everyone and a special hello to all of the Moms or Moms-to-be or Moms wanting-to-be that are reading! Please know that so often I get on and vent like crazy about my little guy, but tonight as he "snuck" Percy (the train in case you have girls or no clue who that is) into bed, I have never been so madly in love in all my life. If there is one thing this Mother (with a love language of touch) will never lack on giving is kisses! I sometimes cannot contain myself with that sweet little boy! He is saying the cutest things these days. Side note: We think we are seeing some speech improvement already, but it is so hard to discern between natural progression, wishful thinking and the tubes making a real difference. He says, fas car and gets so excited that he can hardly stand himself. Jeremy also has him going over ALL of his colors, like 15 of them, and he repeats every single one! I couldn't believe it! Speaking of that sweet man, he is one great Daddy and one good looking husband. I happen to be very in love with him right now so by all means I must brag away! He has started his new job and takes his big test soon so please pray lots! That is the last major hurdle!!!!!

Ok, where was I, oh yes, the point was MOMS! You guys see those two cards above, you are never going to believe this but I opened the mail yesterday and two friends had sent me the EXACT same card and they arrived on the EXACT same day! What a sweet gift to show me how truly blessed I am! I have the best friends in all the world and I never ever want to take that for granted! So Delilah and Emily LA, you have no clue how that brightened my day and how much I love the both of you and think you are the greatest moms ever! Em I swear if you make one more adorable cupcake thingy I will have to refrain from reading your blog and D your on-fire passion for the Lord and desire to mother your babies to the best of your ability is absolutely contagious!

So to all the moms out there, I say a GREAT JOB and KEEP STRIVING! Someone told me today in joking, "But Kelly no one lives in the perfect world" and I said back "I know, but can't we at least try to go visit". In all seriousness, the Bible does call us to strive and the even better part is that He offers us the power and the grace to get there! So let's use this day as a blessing and as a recharge! Let's shepherd those butts and see glorious results as we show our children the Gospel! Let's go play and leave our phones in the house and look forward to a summer filled with memories in the making. Let's look past all the ways our lives are not perfect or what we would like them to be and let's build into our kids in hopes that their's will be a bit more paved in grace! Let's be the moms God has called us to be and beat the punk who coined the "screw UP" condemnation we are constantly facing! I love you all!!!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!


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Emily said...

OH man I was so excited when I read this blog and saw that you got that card from someone else also! When I saw it in the store I had to buy it! I just had to, not necessarily knowing who it would go to but I felt like it was supposed to be you!!!! I am so glad you were encouraged. How true is that thing???