Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok, here is a quick Bullock update. I am typing fast so probably lots of errors so bare with me. We have had an awesome weekend here in Elizabeth City. LOVE the church. The people here are awesome. The area is great! BUT we need your prayers. Jeremy started getting sick (AGAIN) last night so we have had to reschedule our flight home. Our plan now is to leave Tuesday, late afternoon. I feel SO sorry for him. I know this is getting old for him because we feel like we have lots to do! Also, house plans and timing of move is another major prayer request. It is for sure a buyers market here, but we can't find anything move in ready for under $200,000 that we like. We know that we are super picky because we are blessed with such a beautiful home in a great area in Clarksville, but I am used to $200,000 going A LONGGGGGGGGGGG way so this is hard. We are for sure planning to go ahead and pack up when we finally get back and move here ASAP and begin renting, but since we came here to house hunt, not rental hunt, that throws a whole nother kink into things. So basically we need Jeremy to get well and stay well, we need a rental for very cheap because we will still have to make our mortgage, we need our house to sell, and finally we need to know God's will for our purchase. There are TONS of houses we can update and they would be great investments, but that is a big fish to fry when you have new baby, new job, etc. Our only real goal is to glorify God, whatever that looks like. I just feel like I am completely clueless to His pleasing, perfect will!!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!


Donna@themommyminute said...

I'll be praying for you guys! Please, please let me know before you head out of town permanently!

Give Cross a squeeze for me.

P.S. Chad baptised Nathaniel yesterday. It was awesome.

Anita said...

Hey Kelly,
I emailed you an idea that Mark and I have used when we are moving and selling a home. Just a thought. Praying Jeremy feels better soon!!