Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you prayer warriors!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is official, OUR HOUSE IS SOLD! I couldn't wait to write and share the news with so many of you who have faithfully prayed us through this transiition! I would love to sit down and call each of you, but for this season, the blog has had to do! I have to tell you the whole story to make sure God gets every ounce of the glory. Last night (Thur night) I was fighting so many feelings: what now, are you there God, why is this not working at all how we thought it would work?? I was trying to replace these "feelings" (which is really the perfect word for them) with truths: our God is a good God, he called us to this journey so He will work out the details, He ultimatly knows what is best for us, He is for us and not against us. I had just gotten done typing an e-mail to our new pastor's wife (that sounds cool) telling her to please keep looking for any and all rental possibilities because the house could sell in two days or two years. While I was typing, Jeremy called Christian our realitor (just to brag on them, if you ever need realitors who love Jesus and are GOOD at what they do, Christian and Masina Black with Prudential are your answer!) to ask him some questions and I knew those questions were going to involve price reductions, etc. and if I would have thought about all of that too long I would have gotten sick so I just stuck to my e-mailing. Then I hear him say, "you are kidding, it is done, well consider it SOLD." I almost jumped off the couch. Turns out, he was actually finishing up some numbers to call us with details! Ok, so here is where it gets really good. First the price, I won't go into details, but let's just say we are blessed. Two, the closing date, the guy's one specification was that he wanted to close on the 15th of Feb. How cool is that? That is EXACTLY when we were looking to move! So prayer warriors, your prayers have been answered and we can't thank you enough for all of your love and support. So our plan is, pack, pack, pack, then move on the weekend of the 15th into something temporary until we can buy. We are also excited as we feel like God is giving us some direction on that as well. I won't bore you with all of the financial details, but we have been faithfully doing Dave Ramsey for almost 2 years now and we know God is showing us to stick with that plan, that this is not our last house and that it will be more important not to feel like a slave to a house than to get everything on our check list. One day we will have that luxery, but for now, we want to make sure we are living below our means. We will offically be debt free Feb 15th, how cool is that? That is something I have been praying for for years!!!!! We have a good God to say the least, but just for the record because I know many of you and us as well still have several unanswered prayers, had God not chosen to answer this prayer in the way I saw fit, He is good all the same, He DOES work out all of the details, He knows what is ultimatley best and He IS for us not against us! His ways our not our ways (Isaiah 55:8)! Love you all!

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